“Gamifying” Addiction Recovery

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A recent article by Fortify offers individuals overcoming pornography a new way of defeating addiction by viewing recovery as a game or quest to be conquered. Research has shown that “gamifying” a tough challenge can bring about positive change. Rather than viewing recovery as a heavy burden or boring program, Fortify recommends approaching it as the ultimate challenge- The Quest for a Porn-Free Life.Adapting a new perspective and looking at recovery as the next game to be figured out and completed, individuals may feel more motivated to conquer the challenges involved. Setbacks become a new level to be conquered, triggers turn into bad guys to be taken down, and allies turn to trusty sidekicks, helping you every step of the way.

Here are four ways to “gamify” the process of recovery:

 1. Embrace Challenges and Quests
 2. Find and Battle the Bad Guys
 3. Collect and Activate Power-Ups

 4. Find and Recruit Allies

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