‘No’ Is a Love Word

“The most important revolution in the last century has been the sexual revolution,” stated Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. “It is in this revolution, simple changes instigated profound effects. Contraception replaced conception, and the “price” of sexual activity seemingly dropped dramatically. Pleasure was separated from responsibility… It was as if a licence was given out, legitimizing the bending of every part of our lives around serving ourselves.”

“Since that time, divorce, remarriage, abortion, pre-marital sex, and extramarital sex have been accepted by increasing percentages of the public,” Dever said. “The boundaries that once seemed fixed now appear less secure. Sadomasochism, polygamy, pederasty and bestiality are all represented by groups working to promote their acceptance in our society.”

The issue of sexuality goes beyond politics and reaches the core of what our society truly values. Flawed views of sexuality and the egocentric mentality of our culture has impressed perceived culture “norms” among youth. These “norms” are heavily impressed upon teens, which lead some to never hear their options when it comes to sexuality.

For example, some teens may never be told that saying “no” is an option. According to the Abstinence Clearinghouse Founder Leslee Unruh, “The Abstinence Clearinghouse raises the bar and teaches that ‘no’ is a love word.” Our goal is that every young person hears the realities of waiting until marriage and sees the value in pursuing virtue.

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