Summer Slang

Do you feel equipped to understand your teens’ vernacular? Netsanity published an excellent infographic that categorizes current teen slang into three categories: “Fun and Harmless,” “Keep an Eye On” and “Warning Flags.” Below you will find a list of six slang terms you may find yourself hearing by this summer.

  • Hundo P: short for 100% sure or certain
  • Gucci: something is good or cool
  • 9: short for “A parent is watching!”
  • Throw shade: to give someone a nasty look or say something   unpleasant about them
  • Stealthing: secretly removing one’s condom during sex, then bragging about it by encouraging other men to do the same
  • Curve: to reject or deny someone’s sexual advances or romantic interests

Click HERE to read Netsanity’s full article, Decoding Teen Slang.

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