Teen Vogue Has Crossed the Line Again

This week gave further evidence into the reality that the creators of the magazine Teen Vogue are competing for the hearts and minds of young women.

The magazine, created for teen girls, published an article last Friday that gave explicit instructions on how to be sodomized. The article, Anal Sex: What You Need to Know, teaches young women how to be used in a dangerous way and sends a message that engaging in sodomy is acceptable. Furthermore, the article fails to communicate the risks associated with anal sex.

This article is a decisive, deliberate tactic of those forcing perverted sexual ideology on our society. It is time for medical professionals, educators and parents to take a stand. Allowing magazines like Teen Vogue to continue to exist without question or resistance is wrong. For the sake of the next generation we must put an end to corrupt content “casually” aimed at young people and commit to support positive media outlets promoting healthy ideology.