Three Benefits to Marriage

Many people are hesitant to take the deep plunge into married life. Such a commitment is a sacrifice. Yet amidst the hardships that inevitably come with marriage, the personal and social benefits are unprecedented. Here are three unique benefits that come with the commitment of marriage.
  1. Lower Cortisol Levels:¬†This stress hormone, when produced in excess, can contribute to inflammation and chronic disease. High cortisol levels interfere with the body’s ability to regulate inflammation, which could eventually lead to various health conditions, such as heart problems, diabetes, lower immunity and cancer.
  2. Better Monetary Earnings:¬†Research scientist Jay Zagorsky from Ohio State University states, “While some people are in long-term, unmarried relationships, many cohabiting couples may not have committed to the idea that they will be together forever. That means they aren’t combining resources as significantly as married couples.” He continues with a piece of good advice concerning money: “Getting married and staying healthy is a wonderful way to increase your wealth. Getting married with the idea it will make you rich is a terrible idea.”
  3. Deeper Respect:¬†Psychologist and researcher at Ohio State University, Christopher Fagundes, claims that a deep level of respect comes with couples engaged in the commitment of marriage. Those in such a relationship are “less likely to be involved in risk-taking behavior, including substance abuse and addiction.”