Are You A Good Accountability Partner?

According to clinical therapist Dr. Peter Kleponis, exercising compassion, being tough and maintaining a “never give up attitude” are key components to being a good accountability partner to someone battling a pornography addiction. As you walk alongside the individual you aim to keep accountable, remember that the addicted person is fully responsible for his or her own sobriety and recovery. As an accountability partner, you are simply a caring individual there to help that person stay on track.

According to Dr. Kleponis, the following characteristics are often reflective of a good accountability partner:

1. Each individual truly understands what the other is experiencing. While a person who does not struggle with a porn addiction can be a good accountability partner, he or she may never fully understand what it means to be addicted.
2. There is a greater sense of teamwork when two individuals who struggle with pornography addiction keep each other accountable. Dr. Kleponis suggests a daily phone call that lasts between 10 to 20 minutes and a commitment to never give up.
3. The best accountability partner is someone of the same sex as the addicted person.

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