3 Truths About Pornography

It is time the truth about pornography is made mainstream. This article from JT Waresak sheds light on pornography.
1. Pornography hurts everyone.
Pornography hurts our relationships with others and how we view our husband/wife. Most of the time, pornography is viewed in private which creates trust issues, including keeping secrets from our friends and family. Waresak writes, “When we choose porn over our spouse we devalue them and are essentially saying, ‘You’re not good enough. I need someone else to fulfill me.'”
2. Pornography doesn’t fulfill sexual desires.
Sexual desires are best fulfilled within the boundaries of a marriage. Despite what our culture teaches, anything that attempts to satisfy these desires will not bring true happiness or fulfillment. Pornography allows for a quick fix and a temporary high.
3. Pornography destroys families.
True intimacy is more than just sex and pornography only shows the airbrushed and scripted version of sex. Pornography is often thought of as only a male problem. However, pornography also affects women and children. Both women and men can struggle with a pornography addiction. With the internet becoming more and more accessible, the average age now for a child to view pornography is 8-10 years old.