A Marriage Roadmap

Real marriages aren’t perfectly scripted like those portrayed in movies. They take work, patience and constant learning. When couples take time to work on their marriage, there is more time to celebrate it! Consider the following advice on helping your marriage grow:
  1. Give it your all. Marriage requires work from both people and choosing to love each and every day.
  2. Don’t have unrealistic expectations for your spouse, yourself or your relationship. We are all imperfect and will make mistakes.
  3. Only speak words of encouragement to each other. When you speak about your spouse to others, speak positively.
  4. Know your spouses’ love language. Love languages are things like physical touch or quality time that show others you care for them. Learn more about Love Languages here.
  5. Take time to appreciate your marriage. Think of your marriage and your spouse as a gift that you get to unwrap everyday.
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