The Consequences of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct has swept through our nation, affecting a number of individuals within the entertainment industry and public office. As a result, over 36 influential men have been suspended, fired or forced to resign after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. In a recent article from WORLD Magazine, Mindy Belz writes about the impact that this news has had on our culture. The article reported that “60 percent of women said they had experienced sexual harassment, two-thirds of it in the workplace, while 20 percent of men reported facing sexual harassment of any type.” These are alarming statistics considering the damage that sexual abuse causes an individual.
How did our world get to this point? Our culture has cheapened the meaning of sex. Hookups, infidelity and pornography have permeated media. The differences between men and women are no longer celebrated. Instead, all are to be equal. To begin to heal our culture, both men and women need to step up. Do not leave any room for speculation or any reason to believe anything inappropriate is happening. For example, male and female employees should never be alone together. Always treat the opposite gender with respect and honor. By being an example, these small changes can make our world a better place.