The Words of a Father

“There is something special and powerful about the words that are spoken between a father and his children,” JT Waresak wrote in a Focus on the Family article. “Children and teens crave and need affirmation from both their parents,” Waresak continued. “If not received and known, our sons will often withdraw within themselves, while our daughters will seek a man’s affection and approval elsewhere.”

In Waresak’s article, he outlines 12 things children need to hear from a parent on a regular basis including:

  1. “I love you.”
  2. “I believe in you.”
  3. “I am here for you – always.”
  4. “No, and this is why…” and “Yes, and this is why…”
  5. “You are one of the greatest joys in life.”
  6. “Please forgive me.”
  7. “It’s ok to make mistakes. We all do. It is how you respond to them that matters most.”
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