What is IGTV?


Instagram, the most popular social media outlet among Generation Z, recently released IGTV. The standalone app features long-form (up to 1 hour) vertical videos that automatically play upon opening. It is also accessible through a new button in the main Instagram app.

Instagram’s new outlet for sharing video footage is allowing YouTuber’s an alternative to Google’s YouTube platform. At this time, no compensation plan has been offered to YouTube stars who use the IGTV platform, which means anyone can create and upload video content to IGTV. This may lead teens to attempt to gain their own following and “make it big” through IGTV. More time will inevitably be spent on the app due to the new video feature; therefore, talking to your teens about the app is essential.

IGTV viewers have little control of the videos that appear on their screen because the videos play automatically, similar to cable television. Ask your teens what they think of the new video feature on Instagram. Ask if they have ever created content through IGTV or run into any negative content.