Sex Education: Working With Your School Board



School board members play a crucial role when it comes to deciding sex education curriculum. The following suggestions, from the book Abstinence 101, can assist you in working with your school board in the area of sex education.

  • Do your homework.
    It is important to know the process in which your school district chooses curriculum and everyone who is involved in selecting and approving materials. Find out specifically what role the school board plays. Be sure you are also familiar with your district and state policies on sex education, abstinence and STD education.
  • Take time to get to know each board member individually.
    Have another like-minded person join you when you meet with school board members. If you have children in the school or district, be sure to let the school board member know. Get to know their views on education and what areas in education are of greatest concern to them. Be prepared to provide them with resources and documentation on your views as you may find yourself in a position to educate them on sex education policy.
  • Be proactive in your involvement.
    Write a letter to board members introducing yourself and your concerns. Attend school board meetings to learn board procedures. Show your interest in education and gain credibility when a controversy occurs.
  • Be prepared to testify and present.
    Testify before the board when issues of sex education are being considered. Coordinate your testimony with a group of individuals to ensure consistent messaging is portrayed and repeated. Be respectful toward the board and community members opposing your views. The strongest arguments are reasonable, medically accurate and include some emotional appeal and passion. When possible, speak form your perspective as a parent.
Do you desire to learn more about the impact you can make on your local school board? Abstinence 101 includes sample school board policy statements and information on how you can respond to arguments against abstinence-until-marriage education. Order Abstinence 101 HERE.