Taking a Stand Against Pornography in America’s Schools

As the parent of a middle school child, Robin Paterson and her husband were shocked to discover pornography in the school sponsored digital databases last year.

The couple wrote an article expressing their concern. “We discovered, quite by accident, while perusing articles on ‘grade 7 biology’, that there were hundreds of articles streaming sexually graphic text and images, full color advertisements for sex products, with links to the vendors, articles promoting the use of pornography for ‘sex education’, with links to hard core porn sites, articles espousing sexual violence, with ads for the BDSM industry, graphic articles, with images, encouraging and detailing the use of handcuffs, floggers and gags during sexual activities, promoting ‘hook-ups’.”

According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), Elton B. Stephens Co. Information Services and other K-12 “homework” database providers, such as Cengage’s GALE and ProQuest, are becoming promoters for Big Porn and, much like Big Tobacco has done in past years, they are targeting children with advertisements in schools.

The NCSE created a booklet for parents looking to ensure their school’s online databases are pornography free. Download your free booklet HERE.