Link Found Between Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction

During the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) on Friday, May 12, 2017, results from a recent survey were presented that showed a correlation between male pornography consumption and sexual dysfunction. According to the American Urological Association, “Sexual dysfunction has a significant impact on one’s quality of life and occurs when there […]

Sale: Warrior

Are you a youth leader, educator or parent looking to mentor one-on-one or form a small group for young men? Warrior, by Jeremy Brown, looks at what it means to be a man of virtue in today’s culture. The book also discusses men throughout history who have “done it right” and “gotten it all wrong.” Warrior […]

Maryland High School Bans Graduate Due to Pregnancy

Heritage Academy, a small Christian school in Maryland, banned senior Maddi Runkles from graduation this week despite her 4.0 grade point average. Why? Because she is pregnant. In a letter to parents, the school principal said Maddi wasn’t being disciplined because she is pregnant but “because she was immoral.” According to an article by the Washington […]

Wait is a Four Letter Word

Whether you are waiting for the dream, the cure or the right guy; everyone is waiting for something. However, when God says, “WAIT,” we can control only two things: how we wait and who we become along the way. In this free e-book, Wait is a Four-Letter Word, author Elizabeth Thompson offers insight into the […]

Four Lies Porn Uses to Keep You in Bondage

“I have found that recognizing some of the many lies porn tries to sell me has grown in my heart a deep distaste for it – mostly because I’ve come to recognize how much porn detests me,” said author and speaker Michael Johnson in a recent article by Covenant Eyes. Here are four of Johnson’s 21 […]

Longing to be Loved

  Lynsi Snyder, president of In-N-Out Burger, has fond memories of her father growing up. Her fond memories are also coupled with memories of hospital visits. She was too young to understand her father’s severe drug addiction. After Snyder’s father passed away her world shattered. She found herself looking to fill a void. Shortly after her […]

STDs: Among the Most Common Contagious Diseases in the United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are about 20 million new sexually transmitted disease infections (STDs) in the United States each year. To put that number in perspective, it is about the population of New York state. STDs are among the most commonly reported contagious diseases in the United States. According to a report by the […]

Anti-Teen Suicide Campaign: 13 Reasons Why Not

The Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why has contributed to nationwide debates as many individuals have voiced concern over whether the show promotes teen suicide. When the Academic Dean of Oxford High School, Pam Fine, discovered the show was working on a second season, she proposed the Michigan school release a counter campaign called 13 […]

The Truth About Romantic Novels

Myth: A good book on physical love will help your sex life. Truth: Sex books, romantic novels and erotic magazines promote salacious aspects of sex and often paint an unrealistic and perverted picture of what sex means. According to the book Sex. Discovering Real Love in a World of Counterfeits, when taken literally, romantic novels force […]

Addressing Pornography in the Church

According to apologist and writer Josh McDowell, “You have to start preparing your children for being exposed to pornography at age five.” Research  conducted by Barna Group, and commissioned by Josh McDowell Ministry, reported that roughly half of teenagers, and nearly three-quarters of young adults see pornography on at least a monthly basis. In a recent Sexploitation podcast, […]