Join Us As We #TackleDemand

Join us as we partner with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) and over 20 other organizations as we #TackleDemand! Each year during the Super Bowl NCSE brings awareness to the issue of human trafficking. The sporting event is known to have one of the largest ties to sex trafficking in the United States. Here […]


My Affair: The Beginning of the End

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs, founders of, found their relationship came to a standstill after Cheryl announced her affair. “Unfortunately, everyone is both capable and susceptible. I gave in because I was not guarding my heart,” Cheryl Scruggs said in her interview with I Am Second producers. Watch the video above to learn more about Jeff and Cheryl’s story of […]

Power At Your Fingertips

Four engineers were inspired to make a product that would empower others. As a result, Undercover Colors was created. Undercover Colors is a wearable nail tech that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in a variety of beverages through color change. The Problem: The Undercover Colors Team has this to say about their […]

Ed Sheeran’s New Single: Love or Lust?

Ed Sheeran’s new single Shape of You debuted at the top of the charts this week. Sheeran’s success is set to continue as it looks like the singer-songwriter could hold the top two spots on the Official Singles Chart this Friday for a third consecutive week. In his recent single Castle on a Hill, Sheeran sings […]

Purity Ball: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Abstinence Clearinghouse, in partnership with the Alpha Center, will be hosting a Purity Ball for fathers and daughters on Saturday, February 11th at CJ Callaway’s in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This event is designed for father figures and girls ages 12-18 to focus on purity (abstinence) until marriage. The evening will include a speaker, […]

Can You Protect Your Library from Porn?

  A large number of public libraries do not have have sufficient pornography filtering software. Those that do have software employed often do not realize that it is ineffective. This is not only an issue for adults, but also for children who are using the internet. The risk for unintentional exposure is high. Tune in […]

Free Parenting Teens Summit

Don’t miss The Axis Virtual Parenting Teens Summit that will be held exclusively online February 2-15. Sign up to claim your FREE ticket. Gary Chapman, PhD, author of the bestselling book The 5 Love Languages will be speaking on Parenting the Love Languages at 3:00pm on Tuesday, February 7. Other topics include: how to start conversations with your […]

Fight Smarter, Not Harder

Rather than simply “fighting more” or “fighting harder” against pornography, these tips are about “fighting smarter”. 1. Fortify Your Home Base Make your environment work for you, not against you. It is not uncommon for people’s own homes to be full of triggers. 2. Mobilize Your Allies For most of us, pornography has driven us […]

Valentine’s Day Sale

Looking to purchase a gift for your special someone or children this Valentine’s Day? Browse our Family Resource Store for age-appropriate gifts that the whole family will love!