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Screens and Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In a Wireless World

  Do you catch yourself living through the lens – that is, taking so many photos with your phone or camera that you actually missed aspects of what was going on around you? Does perfectionism play into your photo-taking or your photo-sharing? In her book, Screens and Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In a Wireless World,

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Alive to Thrive: Preventing Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is a serious and troubling problem facing our country. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens in America. Focus on the Family recently published Alive to Thrive – A Guide to Preventing Teen Suicide, a program that explores the social, psychological and spiritual aspects of the epidemic. This resource, written by clinical

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Initiating Change & Combating Pornography

Accessing pornography is increasingly easy due to technology. The statistics can be overwhelming. Over 40 million Americans are regular visitors to pornography websites. There are 42 million pornography websites totaling 370 million pages of pornography. The pornography industry’s annual revenue is more than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It is also more than the

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Social Support Fosters Academic Achievement

Research suggests that parental involvement and supervision considerably advance children’s academic achievement. Support from family and friends also protects against bullying, which increases depressive symptoms and poor academic achievement, and promotes positive affect. Likewise, parents can assist their children in achieving academic success by regularly discussing academics at home, partnering in their child’s learning and advocating for their child.

Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude as a Family

Practicing gratitude is an essential attribute to enjoying the holiday season. According to psychologist and author Dr. Thomas Lickona, “Gratitude is the virtue of feeling and expressing thanks for benefits received. It’s been called ‘the secret of a happy life.'” In a recent article, Dr. Lickona explains that grateful people are healthier, more alert, sleep better, and have

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How to Avoid Over-Scheduling Your Family During the Holidays

When you look at your calendar between now and the New Year, is it a source of stress? It is far too easy to over-schedule our families and ourselves as the holidays approach. Here are a few tips for finding balance during the holiday season from Focus on the Family: Prioritize. Consider carefully what things are most important. There

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Monitoring Your Teenager’s Online Activity

There are many apps parents can use to monitor their teens social media activity and amount of time spent online. In addition to regular conversations about technology and online safety, using apps to monitor family technology use may help foster positive conversations between parents and teens. Parents may also find apps like Norton to be

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Helping to Manage Teen Stress & Anxiety

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researcher Dr. Michael Leahy found that “anxiety has increased so much that typical schoolchildren during the 1980’s reported more anxiety than child psychiatric patients did during the 1950’s.” Research from Dr. Jean Twenge released in 2017 showed that there has been a sharp

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Talking with the Parents of Your Child’s Friend Viewing Pornography

Jen Ferguson found herself in a difficult circumstance. Her daughter, a sixth grader at the time, was working on a collaborative project with a friend at school and clicked the wrong tab on her friends computer which led to pornography. Jen and her husband were able to help their daughter process what she had seen,

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Government Mandated Sex Education in Uganda

Parents in Kampala, Uganda began lamenting the effects of a new sex education program less than two months after it was introduced in schools. As a father of four, John Musisi shared with National Catholic Reporter (NCR)how government-mandated sex education courses in Catholic schools have harmed his 12-year-old son. According to the article, “Musisi is among thousands

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