According to Facebook, Pregnancy Centers are Political

Facebook’s adjusted advertisement policy, implemented last May, has affected many non-profit organizations including Heartbeat International, an organization that comes alongside pregnancy resource centers in the United States and throughout the world.

According to a recent blog published by the organization, Facebook stated that their submitted advertisement would run without a “paid for by” label. The ad was soon deemed political and was promptly removed by Facebook.

Based on Facebook’s FAQs, a political ad:

  • Is made by, on behalf of, or about a current or former candidate for public office, a political party, a political action committee, or advocates for the outcome of an election to public office; or
  • Relates to any election, referendum, or ballot initiative, including “get out the vote” or election information campaigns; or
  • Relates to any national legislative issue of public importance in any place where the ad is being run; or
  • Is regulated as political advertising.
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