The Truth About Romantic Novels

Myth: A good book on physical love will help your sex life. Truth: Sex books, romantic novels and erotic magazines promote salacious aspects of sex and often paint an unrealistic and perverted picture of what sex means. According to the book Sex. Discovering Real Love in a World of Counterfeits, when taken literally, romantic novels force […]

Addressing Pornography in the Church

According to apologist and writer Josh McDowell, “You have to start preparing your children for being exposed to pornography at age five.” Research  conducted by Barna Group, and commissioned by Josh McDowell Ministry, reported that roughly half of teenagers, and nearly three-quarters of young adults see pornography on at least a monthly basis. In a recent Sexploitation podcast, […]

“Gamifying” Addiction Recovery

A recent article by Fortify offers individuals overcoming pornography a new way of defeating addiction by viewing recovery as a game or quest to be conquered. Research has shown that “gamifying” a tough challenge can bring about positive change. Rather than viewing recovery as a heavy burden or boring program, Fortify recommends approaching it as the ultimate challenge- The […]

Download the Love and Laugh App

With an overwhelming amount of negative media today, youth need positive reinforcement. The Abstinence Clearinghouse recently updated the Love and Laugh App to encourage and motivate young people to make positive, healthy choices. The daily affirmations are created to be profound, thought provoking and humorous. How to download the Love and Laugh App: 1. Go […]

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

A new documentary, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, provides shocking insight into the sexual landscape students encounter as a result of “hookup culture.” The documentary follows college students on their Spring Break journey. According to Axis, “The documentary heartbreakingly exposes that culture, ultimately offering a hopeful perspective on what it means to be truly liberated.” It […]

The Evolution of Swimwear

  With summer pool days on the horizon you may be anticipating the dreaded trip to the mall in search of a swimming suit for yourself and your teen. No doubt, finding an appropriate and fashionable swimsuit is a challenge for all women. But… there is hope! Rey Swimwear Founder, Jessica Rey, was an actress and living […]

Bill Requiring Parental Notice Prior to Sex Education Courses

A new proposal has been brought forth in New Hampshire requiring parents to get advance notice before sex education is taught in the classroom. The bill recently passed in the state Senate and is now headed to the governor of New Hampshire. According to one article, “parents can already opt their child out of any course […]

Four Ways You Can Protect Your Children From Sexual Abuse

According to Kristen Jenson, founder of Protect Young Minds, abuse can happen to anyone. No one can completely protect a child from abuse. Jenson goes on to report that 93% of perpetrators are known by the victim. Click HERE to read more on how to identify the warning signs of perpetrators. So how can parents be pro-active in training their […]

Teen Smartphone Usage

An eye-opening infographic detailing teen internet and smartphone usage reveals how it is impacting the future of teens and turning their attention into a commodity. According to the infographic smartphones are the new frontier of attention harvesting. Our phones consume experiences before we do. According to Youth Ministry Media, the average student gets a phone […]

Women and Masturbation

“Lust is not a guy problem-it’s a human problem,” wrote Kristen Clark in a Covenant Eyes article. “If you’re a woman who has struggled with any sort of lustful sin habit, including masturbation, you’re not alone. Millions of women (single and married) are facing similar temptations every day.” Last week Covenant Eyes released part two of […]