Purity Ball

"Every dad just wants what is best for his little girl, and every girl is just touched to know that someone cares and is walking with her through life's journeys. I've been no shining example, but I have experienced God's forgiveness, mercy and grace, and He still chose to use me in the role of a father, to demonstrate the love of The Father to my daughter. My greatest enjoyment of the Purity Ball was holding my girl's hands and looking into her eyes while we spoke words of commitment to one another. She was living in that moment and truly valued that night. There was no distraction; she wasn't focused on other people or what they thought. The honesty of her heart is a healing balm to me. She is her father's joy. My biggest takeaway was witnessing the love of Christ in her eyes. She knows I'm not perfect and loves me anyway. We tore up the dance floor together, and we came home even closer than when we left."

DAN, Purity Ball Attendee