Purity Ball


Young people are constantly surrounded by messages promoting a "hook-up culture" grounded in the pursuit of instant gratification. Social media and television are slowly distorting the meaning of love and commitment. Our culture is unashamed to talk about difficult topics; therefore, parents must engage in challenging conversations with their children.

There is no better time than now to inspire virtue and integrity in the lives of young men and women! At the Abstinence Clearinghouse, we believe parents must be equipped to educate their children in matters of sexual integrity.

For this reason, the Abstinence Clearinghouse has created parent-teen events such as the Purity Ball for fathers and daughters ages 12-18 and the Knight to Remember for mothers and sons ages 12-18.

The bond a young woman shares with her father is special. In fact, the father-daughter relationship is often reflected in a young woman’s relationships with other men throughout her lifetime. The best way a father can influence the kind of relationship he hopes his daughter will have with a future spouse is by honoring her mother and pursuing a strong relationship with his daughter throughout her entire life. This can be achieved practically by sharing affirming words, demonstrating love through acts of service and spending quality time together. 

Time spent together opens the door to understanding and more easily allows for real, honest conversations in the future. For decades, the Purity Ball has been a springboard for fathers and daughters around the world to begin seemingly difficult conversations and deepen existing relationships.

Purity Ball attendees learn that purity is more than abstaining from sex until marriage. Rather, purity is being aware of what you watch and listen to, as well as keeping your heart and mind free from things that are not Christ-like.

For some individuals, the beauty of grace is offered at these events for the first time. Young women who may have felt as though they cannot escape past wrongs and parents who have experienced marital trials are offered hope and an opportunity for reconciliation. We are all broken, but God in His great mercy, redeemed us by His grace (Ephesians 2:4-5). We pray this message is clearly communicated at each Purity Ball event.

The Purity Ball acts as an opportunity to empower young women to pursue sexual integrity and offers parents the resources needed to have genuine conversations with their children about relationships, setting boundaries, technology and more.

Empower young women in your community to embrace a virtuous life! Host a Purity Ball in your area today!

"Every dad just wants what is best for his little girl, and every girl is just touched to know that someone cares and is walking with her through life's journeys. I've been no shining example, but I have experienced God's forgiveness, mercy and grace, and He still chose to use me in the role of a father, to demonstrate the love of The Father to my daughter. My greatest enjoyment of the Purity Ball was holding my girl's hands and looking into her eyes while we spoke words of commitment to one another. She was living in that moment and truly valued that night. There was no distraction; she wasn't focused on other people or what they thought. The honesty of her heart is a healing balm to me. She is her father's joy. My biggest takeaway was witnessing the love of Christ in her eyes. She knows I'm not perfect and loves me anyway. We tore up the dance floor together, and we came home even closer than when we left."

DAN, Purity Ball Attendee