Join us as we pray for our nation's families!

Join us as we pray for our nation's families!

We now have a generation of young people who are not only being taught to rebel against their Creator; they are being indoctrinated in our nation's public education system to redefine freedom as the ability to live any way they choose without consequences.

Millions of young people are attempting to navigate the stormy seas of life with no rudder, no anchor, no compass to guide them, and are wondering why they end up shipwrecked. Beyond that, parental rights are being challenged in our nation's highest court. The God-given authority to parent a child and teach him or her how to live according to biblical values and principals is being challenged at every turn.

Join us as we pray for our nation's leaders, the mobilization of parents, the restoration of relationships, the reunification of families, unborn children and the salvation of souls.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to promote God's design for the family and empower individuals to pursue virtuous, moral living. We hope you take the opportunity to pray for our nation's families this fall.

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