What is God, Mom & Me Tea?

What is God, Mom & Me Tea?

God, Mom & Me Tea serves as an event for mothers, or mother figures, and daughters ages 9-12 to focus on the joy of womanhood, the beauty of God's design and the greatness of His timing for development.

Your willingness to host a God, Mom & Me Tea and encourage mothers to embrace their God-given responsibility to guide and direct their daughter's life is admirable. This special event provides an elegant and intimate setting for reinforcing the mother-daughter relationship.

We believe that when it comes to development and relationships, parents should be the primary educators of their children and, like you, we desire to come alongside them by providing age-appropriate resources and materials.

Thank you for your interest in inspiring young women of virtue through this special celebration!

Planning Your Tea

The Hostess Guide video series and document will walk you through the steps needed to create a memorable experience and make a lasting impact on the mothers and daughters who attend your event. You will learn how to gather a team, set a budget, select a venue, advertise and choose which elements of a traditional tea you would like to incorporate.

What does my purchase include?

Your God, Mom & Me Tea program purchase includes:

  • Hostess Guide: video series and supporting documents
  • Interactive Program video for event
  • Logo and social media graphics
  • 10 Mother's Guides
  • 10 Daughter's Guides


"The God, Mom & Me Tea event created by Abstinence Clearinghouse was instrumental in starting a conversation with my daughter about development and purity. The tea gave me the resources, time and support to make this conversation fun and natural. It also helped her see the ways she is fearfully and wonderfully made by God." -MARISA, God, Mom & Me Tea Attendee