The Number of Sexual Partners Prior to Marriage Matters

Faith and Family Findings regularly releases data on family structure and its impact on everything important to a functioning society. One particular study measured the intactness of marriage at the end of the first five years of marriage given the number of sexual partners the spouses have had in their lifetime (see chart). Research indicated that almost 95% of those who […]

North America Begins Addressing Public Health Crisis

Shortly after Canadian parliament members voted to recognize pornography as a public health crisis in December 2016, state legislatures within the United States began to step forward. Legislatures in Utah voted recognizing pornography as a public health crisis and South Dakota legislators followed suit voting unanimously to recognize pornography as a public health crisis. The South Dakota […]


The rate of young adults choosing to cohabitate is on the rise. However, research continues to point to a risk of high levels of physical abuse among cohabiting couples compared to married couples. A recent study published in December 2016 emphasizes the impending risks of intimate partner violence (IPV) among cohabitating couples in their 20’s. Click HERE […]

PBS Show VICTORIA Proves To Be Pro-Abstinence

VICTORIA, the new PBS television drama, documents Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the English throne in 1837. The show has many positive elements and teaches lessons such as mercy, family reconciliation, and the benefits of a faithful marriage. Furthermore, VICTORIA empowers women to celebrate morality and pursue abstinence until marriage. Initially when Prince Albert and his brother Ernst come to visit, […]


Great Britain will soon be home to a new type of exploitative business in which customers can pay for oral sex along with their cappuccino. The company’s website explains that each visitor to the coffee shop is given an iPad where they not only select their beverage of choice but also scroll through a catalog of women, […]

Warn Your Children

50 Shades Darker opens in movie theaters across the country next week. This movie, based on the 50 Shades of Grey book trilogy, tells the story of fictional lovers Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Parents be aware; this is not your typical fairy-tale romance. The film 50 Shades Darker paints a distorted, dangerous image of love. Not […]

#TackleDemand Success

Thank you to all who joined our social media thunderclap to help combat sex trafficking on Super Bowl Sunday! The Abstinence Clearinghouse, in partnership with more than 20 other organizations and countless individuals, reached over 890,390 people through a variety of social media outlets this weekend.

The Dangers of Fifty Shades Darker

When The Fifty Shades of Grey film franchise, based on the book series, was released a year ago, a new view of love and romance was formed in the minds of those exposed to the story. The Fifty Shades franchise is one that promotes rape culture and abuse. On February 14 the second film, Fifty Shades Darker, […]

Snapchat Petition Succeeds

A petition created by was submitted to Snapchat in November 2016 outlining the need to end the sexually suggestive featured stories on Snapchat. The petition stated that Snapchat users should be able to opt out of seeing the suggestive content posted daily by publishers. With over 26,000 signatures, the petition gained the attention of Snapchat creators. […]

Treasuring the Latency Period

You may have heard of “the latency period” and wondered what the latency period is and how long it should last? St. John Paul II referred to the latency period as the years of innocence. He also claimed that this stage spans into adolescence. Everything in this culture wants to violate those years of innocence.The […]