Can You Protect Your Library from Porn?

  A large number of public libraries do not have have sufficient pornography filtering software. Those that do have software employed often do not realize that it is ineffective. This is not only an issue for adults, but also for children who are using the internet. The risk for unintentional exposure is high. Tune in […]

Free Parenting Teens Summit

Don’t miss The Axis Virtual Parenting Teens Summit that will be held exclusively online February 2-15. Sign up to claim your FREE ticket. Gary Chapman, PhD, author of the bestselling book The 5 Love Languages will be speaking on Parenting the Love Languages at 3:00pm on Tuesday, February 7. Other topics include: how to start conversations with your […]

Fight Smarter, Not Harder

Rather than simply “fighting more” or “fighting harder” against pornography, these tips are about “fighting smarter”. 1. Fortify Your Home Base Make your environment work for you, not against you. It is not uncommon for people’s own homes to be full of triggers. 2. Mobilize Your Allies For most of us, pornography has driven us […]

Valentine’s Day Sale

Looking to purchase a gift for your special someone or children this Valentine’s Day? Browse our Family Resource Store for age-appropriate gifts that the whole family will love!

The Danger of Facebook Lurking

  Every month, 1.79 billion people actively use the social media site Facebook. On average, each user spends 50 minutes a day using the site. This is not a staggering statistic until you contrast time spent participating in other leisure activities. In the U.S., Americans spend just 19 minutes, on average, reading each day and just 17 […]

Matt’s Story: I Quit Watching Porn And I’ve Never Been Happier

After being exposed to pornography at the young age of 10, Matt developed a serious struggle that carried on for many years. It was only after taking a break from his porn habit that he realized how much more free he felt. After meeting the love of his life and having a wonderful honeymoon, he […]

Hope Bracelet Giveaway

Don’t miss your chance to enter our Hope Bracelet giveaway available now on our Facebook page! How to enter: 1. Follow the National Abstinence Clearinghouse on Facebook. 2. Tell us what the word hope means to you under the Hope Bracelet giveaway post! The winner will be chosen and contacted Monday, January 16th. Click HERE to purchase our silver […]

An Open Letter to a Female Sex Addict

The following letter, featured by Covenant Eyes, was written by counselor, speaker, teacher and author, Kimberly Johnson. Her experience and knowledge come not only from the hundreds of stories she has heard, but from seeking healing in her on her own journey of sexual brokenness. “Dear Precious One, I have been where you are. I am no […]

‘Passengers’ Exposes Truth About Casual Sex

Passengers, recently released in theaters, portrays two passengers on a 120-year voyage to another planet. Jim and Aurora, played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, awaken from their hibernation pods 90-years too early and discover their ship is malfunctioning. They soon realize it is up to them to save the 5,000 hibernating passengers on board. The movie […]

Taking on Amazon

For years Amazon has made pornographic products available for purchase. According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, merchandise encouraging the objectification of both women and children has reached a new level of indecency and must be combated. The company’s decision to sell erotic child nudity books and sex trafficking “how to” guides must end. […]