One Women’s Battle with Seduction

She claimed sex was merely a gateway drug; a “portal to the much higher high.” What was she really after? Seduction. “Seduction is the art of coercing somebody to desire you, of orchestrating somebody else’s longings to suit your own hungry agenda. Seduction was never a casual sport for me; it was more like a […]

The Yes’s and No’s of Parenting

Have you ever been caught buckling to your child’s temper tantrum after saying the word “no.” Refusing your child something they enjoy can be difficult; however, sometimes it is necessary. According to Sam Crabtree, pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, understanding the meaning of yes and no are “profound prerequisites for experiencing and appreciating mercy and grace.” Here are a […]

Her Twisted Sexual Reality

Share   Can pornography effect your sexual tastes? Fight the New Drug, an organization founded to shed light on the harmful effects of pornography, recently published an article based on an email received from a woman struggling with pornography since age 12. Now married, she shared how her years of porn use still deeply affects her ability to have […]

4 Things Parents Should Know About Snapchat

Share With over 100 million daily users, Snapchat has experienced a staggering increase in users since its beginning in 2011. For a quick summary of what the Snapchat app is, click HERE prior to reading the facts below. Five things every parent should know about Snapchat: Snapchat is a means of communication and like any form of communication, it can […]

Victory Over Addiction

Share Jason Castro had a secret addiction that almost cost him his marriage. After staring on season seven of American Idol, Castro went on tour. That’s when his secret addiction exploded. That addiction?Pornography. Although he was busy with the show, he felt a constant sense of loneliness. He ran towards porn, which eventually led to him […]

Three Silent Marriage-Killers

Share It is not uncommon for relationships to develop barriers over time. These barriers may be unintentional and even go unnoticed. Consider these three self-evaluative questions: Do you feel freedom to discuss any topic within your relationship without becoming defensive or embarrassed? Is your spouse the first person you turn to in celebrating victories and […]

Teen-Parent Smartphone Contract

Share Is it time for you to buy your child their first smartphone? There is no doubt allowing your child to have a smartphone makes communication easier. It is also no secret that having a smartphone opens up a whole new world to your child. Pastor Tim Theule, from Grace Central Coast Church in California […]

MYTH: My Future Spouse Will Complete Me

Share Loneliness can be one of the most difficult things we as humans can experience. For many singles, the feeling of loneliness can be a motivating factor in finding the perfect spouse. However, finding the perfect spouse can drive a person to give up a healthy relationship for fear there is a better person out there. The desire to find […]

Pornography and the Brain

Share Neurons that fire together, wire together. Like other addictive substances, pornography floods the brain with dopamine. A consistent rush of dopamine traveling to the limbic system rewires the brain’s reward pathway and ultimately changes the makeup of the brain. This can result in an increased appetite for pornography. According to Covenant Eyes, there are […]

Sully: In Theaters Now

Share Sully, in theaters now, shares the events that took place on January 15, 2009 when the world witnessed the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Captain Sully Sullenberger saved the lives of all 155 passengers aboard gliding his disabled plane onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River. In the public eye Sully was a hero; however, the […]