“The One” God Has For You

We want to challenge young adults in a few ways. We find it very important to educate individuals to seek their future spouse through God rather than other outlets. Consider these points: 1. Involve yourself. It is simple! Involve yourself in a church, with a community or a group of mentors to be educated and […]

Providing Help For Both Parents & Children

Please read this gynecologist’s perspective on what she believes parents need to hear: “Many parents out there don’t think about the effect of free online pornography on their tween and teenage boys.  I advise my patients who are mothers of teen boys that they really should have an open discussion with them about porn.  Teen […]

If You Give A Child Matches. . .You Can’t Expect Them Not To Play With Them

The many organizations and individuals who began to promote the distribution of condoms are now finding that the rates of pregnancy and STDs have not decreased. A study conducted by Kasey S. Buckles and Daniel M. Hungerman at the University of Notre Dame found that handing out condoms in schools has actually led to a rise […]

“The Hiding Place” Memoir

Check out this valuable analogy that was captured when Corrie ten Boom asked her father a question about sex. His response came after grasping a heavy piece of luggage: “Will you carry it off the train, Corrie?” her father finally asked. After a brief struggle to lift the suitcase, Corrie confessed her inability to heft […]

Finding Purpose Among The Storm

Mariah Peters, a talented singer and inspiring individual, speaks about her experience auditioning for American Idol. What seemed to be a career launching opportunity changed in a matter of seconds. Check out how Mariah’s experience is now becoming her greatest testimony.

Filtered WiFi Now At McDonald’s

Did you know that child pornography and pornography has been blocked in approximately 14,000 of McDonald’s stores nationwide? With the help of Enough is Enough, McDonald’s restaurants are now able to provide WiFi that is safe and more family-friendly to customers of all ages. This great news is not only affecting the company in positive ways, […]

The Value of Virginity

The Kinsey Institute released a “study” that says: – Virgins feel stigmatized because our culture is more accepting of sex before marriage – The idea is that individuals who do not participate in sexual experiences are undesirable relationship partners We couldn’t disagree more! Many teens and young adults still value their own and their future […]

Necessary Parental Controls

Did you know that 24% of high-school aged teens (ages 14 to 17) have participated in sexting? This dangerous form of sexualized texting has staggering statistics that has affected many young adults in our country. Talking with your children about the possible threats may not always protect them from predators. To stop those temptations before […]

The New Natural Look

Feeling good in your own skin has recently become transparent through consumers. How you may ask? Staggering results show that women are saying no to “sexy” and yes to more natural undergarments. Women are becoming more interested in the real branding of undergarments that shows true beauty and confidence rather than a staged and seemingly fake commercial. No […]

The Necessary Ingredients for a Successful Marriage

Whether you and your spouse have been married for several years or are just beginning, be reminded that a long-lasting marriage can be accomplished. What does it take? 1. Shared Vision – Do you both share a long-term vision for your marriage? Create that vision through practical goals. Make sure your thinking is on the […]