I’m Not Ashamed Movie

I’m Not Ashamed is coming to theaters this October! A true story about Rachel Joy Scott from Columbine High School. Through Rachel’s journal, viewers will be reminded how their lives can change when they put their trust in God. A movie you won’t want to miss, featuring Sadie, Korie and Bella Robertson.

Gardasil: A Harmful Vaccine

An unfortunate tragedy happened to a family that followed their doctor’s advice to get the Gardasil vaccine for their daughter. After Katie had received the vaccine, she began sleeping excessively, dark circles formed under her eyes and her skin became discolored. It was still three and a half years between multiple doctor appointments, emergency room […]

Marriage Still Matters

Did you know that saying “I Do” can positively affect someones behavior? Research has found that young adults who are ready to tie the knot in the next 5 years are less likely to engage in delinquent acts. Participating in things such as property theft, destruction, assaults and drug dealing have been shown to lessen after […]

How to Find Joy When You’re Single

Embracing singleness can be difficult, frustrating and seemingly never ending. But have you ever thought about the positives this period could bring to your life? Focusing on God’s plan – serving Him and the others around you will allow for a perfect plan to be brought to life. Check out the ideas below as to […]

Pornography vs. Tobacco

After Utah’s governor declared pornography a public health crisis, organizations and the Republican Party Platform have been hard at work to stop this dangerous concern. Haley Halverson from National Center on Sexual Exploitation commented, “Pornography is pervasive and popular today – there’s no denying it and it’s a really serious problem we have to address.” […]

Staying Grounded

You’re a recent high school graduate ready to take on the world, but the nerves have set in and college is just a few short weeks away. With so many feelings and thoughts flooding your mind, are you equipped to stay grounded and remain you? Remember you’re not alone! “I keep hearing ‘college is the […]

Abstinence On The Rise Through Millennials

Since 1960, the number of women who are abstaining from sex until marriage has tripled and the number of men has doubled. 15 percent of individuals chose secondary virginity, an increase of 9 percent. Research indicated that more young adults have chosen to wait because “sex without limits is not making people happy,” says Dr. […]

A Worth While Wait

The commitment of saving yourself until marriage can be a challenging pledge, but take a look at how this commitment can be a worthwhile gift to wait for. Take your future wedding band for example – the ring is a symbol of a vow that you and your partner have made – in sickness and […]

What Is Chastity?

Chastity is not meant to be filled with negative connotations or rules. It means allowing authentic love to be built in your life. Our bodies, sex and desires are so important that they need to be cherished and respected. Learn how you can be chaste in your life, single or married. It’s a lifetime virtue. – […]

NCOSE Staying Influential Among Large Corporations

Victory has been won again with the help of The National Center on Sexual Exploitation. The TEXXXAS Porn Expo has been uninvited from two different hotel chains. InterContinental Hotels Group and a local Holiday Inn were challenged to create brand-wide policies that would not allow any sexually exploitative events to be hosted within their properties. We […]