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Download the Love and Laugh App

With an overwhelming amount of negative media today, youth need positive reinforcement. The Abstinence Clearinghouse recently updated the Love and Laugh App to encourage and motivate young people to make positive, healthy choices. The daily affirmations are created to be profound, thought provoking and humorous. How to download the Love and Laugh App: 1. Go […]

New Abstinence Brochure Available

Looking for a unique, fresh way to share the message of abstinence until marriage? Check out our new brochure, The Truth About Abstinence! This brochure shares the benefits of abstinence, the truth about second chances and information debunking the “sex myths” of our culture. Size: 5×5 For more information about this brochure call (605)335-3643 or […]

Have You Had ‘The Prom Talk’ With Your Teen?

With spring comes the anticipation of prom season for thousands of teens. Formal attire is purchased, hair appointments are scheduled and arrangements to take pictures at a unique location are made in preparation for the big day. Amidst all the excitement, do not lose the opportunity to talk to your teen about the pressures they may […]

How Far Is Too Far?

Quite possibly the most terrifying question a teen can ask an abstinence educator is “How far is too far?”. According to abstinence advocate Chad Etzel, “this question assumes that acts of arousal are only more intense forms of affection, that sexual touching is only a more intense form of holding hands. In reality, we express […]

The Unspoken STD

According to Meg Meeker, it is no coincidence that as STDs have become an epidemic in teens, so has depression. In a recent article, Meeker outlined three common physical repercussions of unprotected sex: We now have 35 known STDs. In 1960, we only had two. Teenagers make up one-third of the U.S. population, but they carry 50 […]

Model Adriana Lima Endorses Abstinence Until Marriage

Adriana Lima, one of the worlds top supermodels, has received a great deal of media attention due to her pro-abstinence beliefs. Adriana abstained from sex until she got married at the age of 27 in 2009. “Sex is for after marriage… [Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that […]

PBS Show VICTORIA Proves To Be Pro-Abstinence

VICTORIA, the new PBS television drama, documents Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the English throne in 1837. The show has many positive elements and teaches lessons such as mercy, family reconciliation, and the benefits of a faithful marriage. Furthermore, VICTORIA empowers women to celebrate morality and pursue abstinence until marriage. Initially when Prince Albert and his brother Ernst come to visit, […]

‘Passengers’ Exposes Truth About Casual Sex

Passengers, recently released in theaters, portrays two passengers on a 120-year voyage to another planet. Jim and Aurora, played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, awaken from their hibernation pods 90-years too early and discover their ship is malfunctioning. They soon realize it is up to them to save the 5,000 hibernating passengers on board. The movie […]

Nebraska School Board Votes for Abstinence

School board members in Millard, Nebraska refuse to join Omaha’s aggressive movement towards “comprehensive sex education.” According to the Norfolk Daily News, “board members voted 6-0 to reaffirm existing board policy that has been in effect since 1992.” At the Abstinence Clearinghouse we are encouraged by this district’s decision to maintain a pro-abstinence approach to sex […]

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