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A Father’s Joy

Dating: It’s (Not) Complicated

  In the video above, Jason Evert explains how to eliminate the confusion and drama of modern dating relationships. “If you win him with your body, you will keep him with your body,” Jason explains. Physical attraction can be replicated in the same way pleasure can be replicated in relationships that are not grounded in commitment.

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Forbidden Sex

Anna Weygandt shares her story with Moral Revolution in her article, The 23 Year Old Virgin. Anna describes growing up in an environment where sex was never discussed. She describes being constantly reminded of the negative impacts of sex outside of marriage without being taught that sex is a powerful, bonding, life-giving gift within marriage. Click HERE to

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Myth: You Need to Be Sexually Compatible

“You should have sex with the people you date because you need to know you are sexually compatible.” This myth would not be a myth if sex were static. But it is not. Even secular sex columnists agree that sex is composed of learned “skills.” Indeed, sex requires a level of communication, practice and patience. This reality

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Everyone Needs Truth

Our culture is constantly trying to dictate what sex is and what it is not. It is important to always seek truth in your quest for purity of heart and mind. Check out these counter-cultural truth statements: This counter-cultural mindset is what our society craves. The fulfillment found in marriage is greater than any one

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What Is Chastity?

Chastity is not meant to be filled with negative connotations or rules. It means allowing authentic love to be built in your life. Our bodies, sex and desires are so important that they need to be cherished and respected. Learn how you can be chaste in your life, single or married. It’s a lifetime virtue. –

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