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Treasuring the Latency Period

You may have heard of “the latency period” and wondered what the latency period is and how long it should last? St. John Paul II referred to the latency period as the years of innocence. He also claimed that this stage spans into adolescence. Everything in this culture wants to violate those years of innocence.The […]

Creating a Porn Free Christmas

Did you ever consider that you may have porn under your Christmas tree this year? Many parents, with no intention of harm, will gift their children their first laptop, tablet or phone without equipping them with the tools needed to combat pornography. So how do you confidently broach the issue of internet safety, pornography and […]

NEW PRODUCT: Give Please a Chance

In this #1 New York Times bestseller, Bill O’Reilly and James Patterson together present a beautifully illustrated, instantly classic picture book that celebrates the magic of the word “Please” for our children. Bill O’Reilly and James Patterson remind us all that a single word “Please?” is useful in a thousand different ways. From finding a lovable stray dog […]

Foul Play

The National Football League has taken a new approach to combating a recent loss in revenue. According to an article by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, the NFL’s new advertising campaign is directly geared towards children. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood recently released a report outlining the following dangers of this direct marketing strategy: Increased sedentary screen […]

Is Minecraft Safe for Children?

Minecraft is often described as a ‘sandbox game.’ This means that it’s a virtual land where users can create their own worlds and experiences, using building blocks, resources discovered on the site and their own creativity. The game is often referred to as virtual Legos and can be played on a computer, smartphone, tablet, XBox or Playstation. It was recently discovered […]

Body Safety Education

“We teach our children water safety and road safety – it is equally important to teach our children ‘body safety’ from a young age,” claims Jayneen Sanders author of Body Safety Education. As a teacher and a mother, Jayneen wrote her book in hopes of encouraging parents to make talking about ‘body safety’ a normal conversation for parents […]

Help End Disney-Themed Pornography

For more than 15 years Enough Is Enough has urged Disney executives to assist in ending the production of Disney-themed hard-core pornography sites. According to Enough is Enough, sites are “a clear violation of Disney’s copyrighted brand as well as its signature cartoon characters.” The sites portray well-known Disney characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel […]

The Yes’s and No’s of Parenting

Have you ever been caught buckling to your child’s temper tantrum after saying the word “no.” Refusing your child something they enjoy can be difficult; however, sometimes it is necessary. According to Sam Crabtree, pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, understanding the meaning of yes and no are “profound prerequisites for experiencing and appreciating mercy and grace.” Here are a […]

4 Things Parents Should Know About Snapchat

Share With over 100 million daily users, Snapchat has experienced a staggering increase in users since its beginning in 2011. For a quick summary of what the Snapchat app is, click HERE prior to reading the facts below. Five things every parent should know about Snapchat: Snapchat is a means of communication and like any form of communication, it can […]

Screen Time: Quantity vs Quality

  Schools in many parts of the country have started providing and using laptops and iPads as early as elementary school. There is no doubt that these devices can have a positive impact on a child’s learning experience. A child can benefit greatly by listening to music and engaging in structured learning activities on electronic […]