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Show Dogs Re-Cut Version Still Grooms Children to Accept Abuse

    Global Road announced that a re-cut version of the PG-rated family film Show Dogs would be released over Memorial Day weekend. Numerous parenting blogs and organizations took issue with a subplot involving the lead undercover police dog, Max, as he was taught to become comfortable with strangers touching his genitals in preparation for an undercover

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Parents and Grandparents: Starting a No Tech Time

At the Clearinghouse we often encourage parents to schedule “no tech times.” One dad recently told me that his daughter told him that she looks forward to the nights that she doesn’t have to worry about her phone. Her dad asked why she thought it was such a relief to not have her phone and

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Child of Divorce

In this video by Culture Project, a man explains what he wrestled with as a teenager following his parents divorce. The questions he struggled with were crippling and left him wondering if there was hope in his future marriage. This video describes the importance of finding a mentor and the implications of seeking out individuals who will help

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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Netflix

    Follow along with the video above or read the instructions below to learn how you can set parental controls on your families Netflix account. Go to and log in using the admin username and password. The settings can only be changed by the administrator on the account, which is the person set

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Is Kid-Friendly Technology Possible?

In a recent article, WORLD aims to answer the question “Can tech really be kid-friendly?” On Wednesday the Google-owned company, YouTube, announced that it would be adding a number of features to the app YouTube Kids allowing parents to have greater control over what their children are watching online. As of last week, parents can select certain channel

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Why the Benham Brothers Endorsed the Sex Ed Sit Out

Pastors, parents, and other concerned Americans have a duty to stop the “perversion” that is being imposed upon children through “sex ed” and “anti-bullying” programs, Jason and David Benham wrote in a new op-ed endorsing last months Sex Ed Sit Out protest (read more on the Sex Ed Sit Out HERE). The Benham brothers, who lost

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Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

According to an article published by the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), research now shows that divorce or separation from a parent or guardian is one of the top two most adverse childhood experiences nationally. And which parent is the one a child is least likely to live with after divorce or another type of separation? That’s right. It is

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Should Your Child Play Fortnite?

Should you allow your children to play the video game Fortnite? With over 40 million Fortnite: Battle Royale players worldwide, understanding the basic premise of the game is a must. A recent article, published by Counter Cultural Mom suggests that the games thrill of victory and agony of defeat can be quite addictive for young gamers still working on developing self-control.

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Pearson’s Social Emotional Learning Messages in Student Software

Publishing giant Pearson recently released that the company had been inserting “social-psychological interventions” into its learning software throughout 2017. According to an article by Education Week, Pearson’s most recent research involved more than 9,000 unwitting students at 165 different colleges and universities without consent from participating institutions or individuals. The article states that “the company embedded ‘growth-mindset’ and other psychological

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Family Structure and Child Development Study

A study published in the European Journal of Population shows how family structure can impact child development. The study revealed that children raised with their father in an intact, biological family grow up experiencing better socio-economic outcomes opposed to children raised by single mothers or stepfathers. Click HERE to read more.