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Teaching Teens How to Treat the Opposite Sex With Dignity

In an article published by Family Life’s co-founders Dennis and Barbara Rainey, the couple explains how they would often tell their teenagers, “When you go out with someone, you’re going out with either your future mate or someone else’s future mate.” The couple found that this knowledge helped their children to treat the opposite sex […]

Commit and Cohabitate?

“Mutual I’m sure.” The twang of these words Bing Crosby hears in the film, White Christmas, from his prospective date are like nails on a chalkboard to his ears, for they could not be farther from the truth. As this woman fawns over Crosby, his only desire is to rid himself from this rendezvous immediately. Unfortunately […]

Casual Sex vs. Monogamy

An article by the Institute for Family Studies sheds light on the perceived notion that young people think that casual sex is the norm. After interviewing a series of working-class young adults, the author found that many believe people are too quick to expect sex in a relationship or feel like it is expected of them. While […]

Stay Single

“Keep your heart for yourself. Cherish the bones of you,” Shani Jay wrote in a recent article published by Thought Catalog. “Enjoy these precious lone moments while you’re lucky enough to have them. Realize your worth. And never settle. Stay single.” Jay goes on to express, through a poem, the importance of not compromising and waiting for […]

5 Red Flags to Consider Before Marriage

Have you ever looked at a couple that’s about to get engaged or married and thought, “Oh please, no! Don’t do that!” as the glaring red flags of their unhealthy relationships taunt you? According to author and speaker Kris Vollotton, for some couples the phrase love is blind could not be a more real. Vollotton […]

Wait is a Four Letter Word

Whether you are waiting for the dream, the cure or the right guy; everyone is waiting for something. However, when God says, “WAIT,” we can control only two things: how we wait and who we become along the way. In this free e-book, Wait is a Four-Letter Word, author Elizabeth Thompson offers insight into the […]

Longing to be Loved

  Lynsi Snyder, president of In-N-Out Burger, has fond memories of her father growing up. Her fond memories are also coupled with memories of hospital visits. She was too young to understand her father’s severe drug addiction. After Snyder’s father passed away her world shattered. She found herself looking to fill a void. Shortly after her […]

The Digital Dating Revolution

Dating in a world of digital communication has put a spin on teen relationships. In an article published by Focus on the Family, one mother reported that she was stunned to learn that dating to her daughter meant Facebook messaging with a boy in her class and changing her status to “in a relationship.” According […]

Have You Had ‘The Prom Talk’ With Your Teen?

With spring comes the anticipation of prom season for thousands of teens. Formal attire is purchased, hair appointments are scheduled and arrangements to take pictures at a unique location are made in preparation for the big day. Amidst all the excitement, do not lose the opportunity to talk to your teen about the pressures they may […]

How Far Is Too Far?

Quite possibly the most terrifying question a teen can ask an abstinence educator is “How far is too far?”. According to abstinence advocate Chad Etzel, “this question assumes that acts of arousal are only more intense forms of affection, that sexual touching is only a more intense form of holding hands. In reality, we express […]