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The Law of Diminishing Return

A guy said to his date, ” I don’t make a move on you for four dates.” If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. Not every guy is trying to use you, you know. If you’re with a guy with “Russian hands” and “Roman fingers”, it may be wise to heed these

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Worthy of Love and Respect

Respect begins with believing “I am worthy of love.” If you do not believe you are worthy of love and respect, you may allow yourself to be disrespected or disrespect others. Believe that you are worthy of love and honor because God gave us infinite value when He gave His Son for us. He knows

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Practical Purity

When Jordan and her husband met, he was a D1 college football player and she was part of a sorority on campus. On her blog, SoulScripts, Jordan describes the immense pressure and mixed messages the couple was faced with when they chose to save sex for marriage. Learn how they chose to engage in active dating, created

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Does Marriage = Success?

This article from Erin Wildermuth discusses the importance of finding a supportive spouse. She writes, “Though not a necessary prerequisite to success, a supportive, positive partnership brightens the path and smooths the road.” Couples that support each other are more likely to take on more challenges and as a result, have more victories. Her article points to

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Is it Love? 

New relationships are exciting and filled with lots of emotion. With all of these new feelings, how do you determine if it is love or infatuation? Check out the differences below: The Fairy Tale – Infatuation Fall into it suddenly Wants sex or physical intimacy now Emotional ups and downs Emphasizes physical apperance Has an

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Dating: It’s (Not) Complicated

  In the video above, Jason Evert explains how to eliminate the confusion and drama of modern dating relationships. “If you win him with your body, you will keep him with your body,” Jason explains. Physical attraction can be replicated in the same way pleasure can be replicated in relationships that are not grounded in commitment.

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Choosing Secondary Virginity

Secondary virginity is the decision to stop having sex and remain abstinent until marriage. If you or someone you know may have gone too far physically in a relationship before marriage, there is still hope. Surround yourself with others who are waiting for marriage, set strong physical boundaries, and don’t give up. By saying “no”

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What is “Ghosting?” 

“Ghosting” is a term used when someone you went on a date with stops responding to messages or phone calls. There is not a definite break up or goodbye, and it often happens in casual relationships or in online dating. Unfortunately, “ghosting” is becoming more acceptable in a culture where casual sex and relationships are

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Online Parent Guides

Talking about issues like smartphones, eating disorders, Snapchat, video games and sexting with teens can be scary and complicated. But it does not have to be! Axis has created guides to help you understand the things teens face and how to have real conversations without intimidation. Click HERE to view the Axis Parent Guides!

There Is No Shame in Being Healed

  Crystalina Evert, co-author of How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul, encourages women who have experienced sexual abuse or who have made regretful decisions to dedicate themselves to their healing process. Her powerful witness encourages women to face it, own it and heal it.