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YouTube Releases TV

YouTube recently introduced YouTube TV, providing live broadcasts from a growing list of major TV networks for $35 per month. Until now, live sports and cable TV have only been available through cable/satellite TV (unless you paid for individual networks). According to Axis, YouTube has been a dominant online presence since its start in 2005, with younger […]

Is Cohabitation Stable?

Traditional views of marriage have been declining worldwide for decades. This means more children are born outside of marriage or to cohabitating couples. This social change raises two important questions: 1. Are such children less likely to enjoy stable family lives? 2. Is the growth of non-marital childrearing, including the growth of childbearing within a cohabiting union, […]

Teach The X-Plan To Your Teen

Parents all over the country are sharing the X-Plan on social media, an idea coined by Bert Fulk, a youth pastor in West Virginia. The concept is simple: give your kids a way to escape peer pressure without completely ruining their social status. Bert Fulks’ blog post “X-Plan: Giving your kids a way out (#xplan)” explains how and why […]

PBS Show VICTORIA Proves To Be Pro-Abstinence

VICTORIA, the new PBS television drama, documents Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the English throne in 1837. The show has many positive elements and teaches lessons such as mercy, family reconciliation, and the benefits of a faithful marriage. Furthermore, VICTORIA empowers women to celebrate morality and pursue abstinence until marriage. Initially when Prince Albert and his brother Ernst come to visit, […]

Treasuring the Latency Period

You may have heard of “the latency period” and wondered what the latency period is and how long it should last? St. John Paul II referred to the latency period as the years of innocence. He also claimed that this stage spans into adolescence. Everything in this culture wants to violate those years of innocence.The […]

The Yes’s and No’s of Parenting

Have you ever been caught buckling to your child’s temper tantrum after saying the word “no.” Refusing your child something they enjoy can be difficult; however, sometimes it is necessary. According to Sam Crabtree, pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, understanding the meaning of yes and no are “profound prerequisites for experiencing and appreciating mercy and grace.” Here are a […]

Teen-Parent Smartphone Contract

Share Is it time for you to buy your child their first smartphone? There is no doubt allowing your child to have a smartphone makes communication easier. It is also no secret that having a smartphone opens up a whole new world to your child. Pastor Tim Theule, from Grace Central Coast Church in California […]

Chipotle Unsuccessfully Turns to Sex and Drugs

It is no secret that after the major food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill announced their E. coli outbreak they needed a new way to attract wary customers. The franchise closed for a day after the incident to train staff on food safety. As an apology for closing its doors, the franchise offered free burritos to […]

Screen Time: Quantity vs Quality

  Schools in many parts of the country have started providing and using laptops and iPads as early as elementary school. There is no doubt that these devices can have a positive impact on a child’s learning experience. A child can benefit greatly by listening to music and engaging in structured learning activities on electronic […]

Flirting on Social Media

Flirting over social media has become a trend among many teens. This new form of flattery fueled by emojis, likes, and comments, is now a means of increasing teen self-esteem. Posting selfies and staged photos has now become a “norm”. recently reported that young adults receiving less than their desired amount of “likes” on an […]