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10 Body Safety Rules for Children

Read Child Sexual Abuse “Fire Drill” to learn more about how to talk to your children about body safety and sexual abuse. *Infograph created by Safely Ever After Inc.  

A Father’s Joy

The Jeffrey Dean Show

For over 25 years, Jeffrey Dean Ministries has reached youth and parents with messages of encouragement. Understanding cultural trends and offering parents advice as they navigate through the teen years is Jeffrey’s passion. Tune in at 9:00pm CST this Saturday, June 9 as Jeffrey Dean launches a live radio show for parents and teens on SuperTalk

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2018 Summer Slang

Slang is an integral part of growing up. A word or abbreviation can add significant meaning or emotion to a message or text. Slang helps teens define their connections, feel accepted and gain independence. Keeping up on teen slang and lingo may seem daunting; however, understanding the language teens communicate with verbally and through social media is

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What is Westworld?

Westworld, a TV series created by the television network HBO, recently released a second season. The show is set in a futuristic theme park that allows high-paying guests to experience the American Old West. The park is populated by androids, also called hosts, created to look like humans. The theme park is designed to allow the

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Show Dogs Re-Cut Version Still Grooms Children to Accept Abuse

    Global Road announced that a re-cut version of the PG-rated family film Show Dogs would be released over Memorial Day weekend. Numerous parenting blogs and organizations took issue with a subplot involving the lead undercover police dog, Max, as he was taught to become comfortable with strangers touching his genitals in preparation for an undercover

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13 Reasons Why: Season Two

Netflix recently released the second season of its original series, 13 Reasons Why, a show that quickly became a cultural phenomenon last summer. In the aftermath of Season One, parents and educators across the country learned that teens want to talk about the difficult issues addressed in the show. Producers say the show was originally created to encourage viewers to

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Parents and Grandparents: Starting a No Tech Time

At the Clearinghouse we often encourage parents to schedule “no tech times.” One dad recently told me that his daughter told him that she looks forward to the nights that she doesn’t have to worry about her phone. Her dad asked why she thought it was such a relief to not have her phone and

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Best Predictors of Addictive Behavior

In a recent article published by Covenant Eyes, author and counselor Carl Stewart explains the tendency of many pornography addicts to ignore the root cause of their dependence. “Trying to simply ‘contain’ the behavior or ‘manage’ the behavior is miserable. Like cutting back a weed. It feels good for the first day or so, until it

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Child of Divorce

In this video by Culture Project, a man explains what he wrestled with as a teenager following his parents divorce. The questions he struggled with were crippling and left him wondering if there was hope in his future marriage. This video describes the importance of finding a mentor and the implications of seeking out individuals who will help

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