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Breaking Free Virtual Summit

Join thousands of other individuals in watching or listening to 70+ hours of candid, casual conversations between over 45 experts in the areas of pornography, sexual addiction, spouse support and recovery. Learn how to find lasting freedom and true healing from spouse betrayal and trauma. Watch the Breaking Free Virtual Summit now through June 19 by claiming your free summit ticket here today! Hurry – content is only available for

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The Jeffrey Dean Show

For over 25 years, Jeffrey Dean Ministries has reached youth and parents with messages of encouragement. Understanding cultural trends and offering parents advice as they navigate through the teen years is Jeffrey’s passion. Tune in at 9:00pm CST this Saturday, June 9 as Jeffrey Dean launches a live radio show for parents and teens on SuperTalk

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Child of Divorce

In this video by Culture Project, a man explains what he wrestled with as a teenager following his parents divorce. The questions he struggled with were crippling and left him wondering if there was hope in his future marriage. This video describes the importance of finding a mentor and the implications of seeking out individuals who will help

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Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

According to an article published by the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), research now shows that divorce or separation from a parent or guardian is one of the top two most adverse childhood experiences nationally. And which parent is the one a child is least likely to live with after divorce or another type of separation? That’s right. It is

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Many Women’s Battle

“Being a woman who struggles with lust can feel like being alone in a crowded room,” Marian Jacobs wrote in a recent article. “You think you are the only one tempted when you watch that movie and read that book. Yet the opposite is true.” Jacobs goes on to explain that lust must be redefined. Claiming

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Practical Purity

When Jordan and her husband met, he was a D1 college football player and she was part of a sorority on campus. On her blog, SoulScripts, Jordan describes the immense pressure and mixed messages the couple was faced with when they chose to save sex for marriage. Learn how they chose to engage in active dating, created

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Does Marriage = Success?

This article from Erin Wildermuth discusses the importance of finding a supportive spouse. She writes, “Though not a necessary prerequisite to success, a supportive, positive partnership brightens the path and smooths the road.” Couples that support each other are more likely to take on more challenges and as a result, have more victories. Her article points to

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A Marriage Roadmap

Real marriages aren’t perfectly scripted like those portrayed in movies. They take work, patience and constant learning. When couples take time to work on their marriage, there is more time to celebrate it! Consider the following advice on helping your marriage grow: Give it your all. Marriage requires work from both people and choosing to

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Is it Love? 

New relationships are exciting and filled with lots of emotion. With all of these new feelings, how do you determine if it is love or infatuation? Check out the differences below: The Fairy Tale – Infatuation Fall into it suddenly Wants sex or physical intimacy now Emotional ups and downs Emphasizes physical apperance Has an

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Marriage…It’s More Than Just a Piece of Paper

Marriage makes a difference! Did you know marriage has a transformative effect on the behavior, emotional health, and financial well-being of adults, especially men? Watch the video above to learn more about the benefits of marriage.