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The Truth About Romantic Novels

Myth: A good book on physical love will help your sex life. Truth: Sex books, romantic novels and erotic magazines promote salacious aspects of sex and often paint an unrealistic and perverted picture of what sex means. According to the book Sex. Discovering Real Love in a World of Counterfeits, when taken literally, romantic novels force […]

Do Celebrities Influence Out-Of-Wedlock Births?

According to World Magazine, fifty years ago, only about 8 percent of babies in the United States were born to single women. Today that figure is over 40 percent. A new study presented at the 2017 American Sociological Association meeting indicated the increase of babies born out of wedlock may be due to the way the […]

The Link Between Premarital Sex and Marital Stability

In a society that views causal sex as common practice, one must consider the consequences of premarital sex on marital stability. How,if at all, does premarital sex influence marital stability? A study using data from the National Survey of Family Growth looked at changing sexual behavior and attitudes towards premarital sex. The study was based on […]

Debunking the “Ball and Chain” Myth

The common “ball and chain” perception of marriage among men is that it is an “expensive encumbrance on their freedom and their sex lives.” However, new research released by the Institute for Family Values finds that married men have more money, better sex and longer lives than their single and cohabitating peers. Researchers Bradford Wilcox, director of the […]

The Number of Sexual Partners Prior to Marriage Matters

Faith and Family Findings regularly releases data on family structure and its impact on everything important to a functioning society. One particular study measured the intactness of marriage at the end of the first five years of marriage given the number of sexual partners the spouses have had in their lifetime (see chart). Research indicated that almost 95% of those who […]

My Affair: The Beginning of the End

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs, founders of, found their relationship came to a standstill after Cheryl announced her affair. “Unfortunately, everyone is both capable and susceptible. I gave in because I was not guarding my heart,” Cheryl Scruggs said in her interview with I Am Second producers. Watch the video above to learn more about Jeff and Cheryl’s story of […]

Matt’s Story: I Quit Watching Porn And I’ve Never Been Happier

After being exposed to pornography at the young age of 10, Matt developed a serious struggle that carried on for many years. It was only after taking a break from his porn habit that he realized how much more free he felt. After meeting the love of his life and having a wonderful honeymoon, he […]

Dear Future Husband

  “I started writing letters to my future husband when I was 13. Like most girls, I dreamed about what my future husband would be like. At first, my letters included a lot of silly facts about my life and guesses as to how we’d meet (if we hadn’t already!). But as time passed, my heart began […]

Four Things All Husbands Want to Hear

It is no secret that the universal love language for men is respect. Check out these top four of the ten things that all husbands desire to hear: 1. I value your leadership. 2. I am glad I married you. 3. Thank you for being dependable. 4. I appreciate all you do for our family. Click […]

Sexual Self-Control Enhances Marriage

  Dannah Gresh has found herself defending tolerance for virginity on numerous occasions. She delivered her message to her most critical audience when featured on a Ted Talk video (click above to view) entitled The Walk of Fame vs The Walk of Shame. Gresh firmly believes that sexual self-control prior to marriage can enhance sex […]