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Show Dogs Re-Cut Version Still Grooms Children to Accept Abuse

    Global Road announced that a re-cut version of the PG-rated family film Show Dogs would be released over Memorial Day weekend. Numerous parenting blogs and organizations took issue with a subplot involving the lead undercover police dog, Max, as he was taught to become comfortable with strangers touching his genitals in preparation for an undercover

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Saying No to Nudity

Good entertainment doesn’t have to be dirty or suggestive. A recent press release published by Movieguide stated that sex does not sell when it comes to movies. An annual study on movies from the United States and Canada compared revenue generated by movies with and without sexual content. The result was that movies with more

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Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

A new documentary, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, provides shocking insight into the sexual landscape students encounter as a result of “hookup culture.” The documentary follows college students on their Spring Break journey. According to Axis, “The documentary heartbreakingly exposes that culture, ultimately offering a hopeful perspective on what it means to be truly liberated.” It

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Mark Your Calendar

  Show your support for films that promote positive messages by tuning into the 25th annual Movieguide Awards on April 16th. This unique event, hosted by actor and director Terry Crews, recognizes and awards the good in Hollywood. Click HERE to learn more about the Movieguide Awards!

Warn Your Children

50 Shades Darker opens in movie theaters across the country next week. This movie, based on the 50 Shades of Grey book trilogy, tells the story of fictional lovers Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Parents be aware; this is not your typical fairy-tale romance. The film 50 Shades Darker paints a distorted, dangerous image of love. Not

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The Dangers of Fifty Shades Darker

When The Fifty Shades of Grey film franchise, based on the book series, was released a year ago, a new view of love and romance was formed in the minds of those exposed to the story. The Fifty Shades franchise is one that promotes rape culture and abuse. On February 14 the second film, Fifty Shades Darker,

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‘Passengers’ Exposes Truth About Casual Sex

Passengers, recently released in theaters, portrays two passengers on a 120-year voyage to another planet. Jim and Aurora, played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, awaken from their hibernation pods 90-years too early and discover their ship is malfunctioning. They soon realize it is up to them to save the 5,000 hibernating passengers on board. The movie

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Doctor Strange Movie Analysis

The top box office film remains Doctor Strange for yet another weekend. According to MOVIEGUIDE, Doctor Strange is a story about an injured neurosurgeon who turns to the occult arts, sorcery and even killing to heal himself, massage his ego and re-make the world.” Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and chairman of the Christian Film & Television

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Sully: In Theaters Now

Share Sully, in theaters now, shares the events that took place on January 15, 2009 when the world witnessed the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Captain Sully Sullenberger saved the lives of all 155 passengers aboard gliding his disabled plane onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River. In the public eye Sully was a hero; however, the

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I’m Not Ashamed Movie

I’m Not Ashamed is coming to theaters this October! A true story about Rachel Joy Scott from Columbine High School. Through Rachel’s journal, viewers will be reminded how their lives can change when they put their trust in God. A movie you won’t want to miss, featuring Sadie, Korie and Bella Robertson.