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Studying Teens and Technology

The Pew Research Center published five new findings on how teens use technology. According to the Culture Translator created by Axis, the study’s findings provided eye-opening research. In the study, 85% of teens say they use YouTube compared to only 51% who still access Facebook. This is why Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire recently launched a Youth Portal to bring back this coveted demographic. More importantly,

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Discussing Campus Safety With Your College Student

Concern for the safety of college students has grown in light of numerous incidents and tragedies on college campuses. Ideally, a three-way partnership will do a great deal of good in ensuring the safety of college students. Parents need to talk to their son or daughter about safety, students need to exercise awareness and behave

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4 Tips for Parents Sending Their Student to College

  As a student prepares to leave for college, it is common for parents to worry about their son or daughter being on their own for the first time. Once your student leaves for college, it can become one of the most challenging times as a parent. Here are some tips on how to successfully parent

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A Note From the NAC Team

In preparation for the upcoming school year, we have had many individuals and groups partner with us through affiliate membership. As our network of abstinence advocates who are passionate about inspiring virtue grows, we wanted to be sure to share our organizations goals with you. For all you social media guru’s, consider this our “Friday

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E-Cig Use Increases Among High School Students

For a slim device that looks like a USB stick, the Juul e-cigarette packs a powerful punch. Each refillable insert contains twice the nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. According to Business Insider, “the Juul now represents nearly 71% of the entire e-cig market. In June, sales of the devices surged 738%.” Despite Juul’s growing

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Sex Education: Working With Your School Board

    School board members play a crucial role when it comes to deciding sex education curriculum. The following suggestions, from the book Abstinence 101, can assist you in working with your school board in the area of sex education. Do your homework. It is important to know the process in which your school district chooses

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The Pondering Preschooler

Establishing a strong line of communication with your child means helping them to start developing their ability to express themselves early. Young children benefit from “thick” conversations. Thick conversations are characterized by giving children many chances to speak and communicate, asking open-ended questions, encouraging them to think and imagine and having many back-and-forth exchanges. Here are

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Texas Attorney General Demands Fort Worth School District Hand Over Human Sexuality Curriculum

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently sent a letter to Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) requesting a full and complete copy of the district’s human sexuality curriculum after the district repeatedly denied parents access to these public documents. Parents reported that not only were their records requests denied, but their children were prohibited from bringing a

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Teen Dating Violence Prevention

For parents of teenagers and organizations regularly working with teens, knowing and recognizing the warning signs of unhealthy behavior that can lead to teen dating violence is crucial. This is especially true in the context of a recent national survey in which 1 in 10 teens reported being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend

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10 Body Safety Rules for Children

Read Child Sexual Abuse “Fire Drill” to learn more about how to talk to your children about body safety and sexual abuse. *Infograph created by Safely Ever After Inc.