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Choosing Secondary Virginity

Secondary virginity is the decision to stop having sex and remain abstinent until marriage. If you or someone you know may have gone too far physically in a relationship before marriage, there is still hope. Surround yourself with others who are waiting for marriage, set strong physical boundaries, and don’t give up. By saying “no”

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Pornography vs. Tobacco

After Utah’s governor declared pornography a public health crisis, organizations and the Republican Party Platform have been hard at work to stop this dangerous concern. Haley Halverson from National Center on Sexual Exploitation commented, “Pornography is pervasive and popular today – there’s no denying it and it’s a really serious problem we have to address.”

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Today’s Hook-up Culture & The Undoing of Young Women

The recent “dumpster” rape of a young woman at Stanford University produced a firestorm of outrage at the light sentencing of her rapist. While the outrage is warranted, a greater danger and evil on college campuses, called promiscuity, continues to rage in the lives of young women and men.┬áThis lifestyle can begin when students are

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A Journey Of Two Hollywood Actors

Press play to hear about Devon and Meagan’s story. They will speak about how their past got them where they are today and how it is defining their marriage!

It Is Not Too Late – Secondary Virginity

Listen to Crystalina’s testimony on what she thought love was. Her teenage years were filled with darkness and deception, but one day it changed forever. Crystalina was given a second chance and was filled with peace and joy, living free from her past!