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Discussing Campus Safety With Your College Student

Concern for the safety of college students has grown in light of numerous incidents and tragedies on college campuses. Ideally, a three-way partnership will do a great deal of good in ensuring the safety of college students. Parents need to talk to their son or daughter about safety, students need to exercise awareness and behave

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Responding to Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children

More children are mimicking inappropriate pornography-inspired sexual behavior. Behavior that they do not fully comprehend but have not been taught to process. Sexual behaviors are being mimicked in the same way other behaviors are mimicked by children. According to a recent article by Dawn Hawkins of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), “The real blame in such cases rests on

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10 Body Safety Rules for Children

Read Child Sexual Abuse “Fire Drill” to learn more about how to talk to your children about body safety and sexual abuse. *Infograph created by Safely Ever After Inc.  

Hundreds Abused in Chicago School System: Report

Hundreds of Chicago Public School (CPS) students were sexually abused by employees over the past ten years, according to a Chicago Tribune report published earlier this month. Based on police data, both public and confidential records, and interviews with alleged victims, the report found more than 500 allegations of sexual abuse and rape at CPS over the last decade. Since

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“Sex is no big deal!”

“Sex  is  no  big  deal!” If  you  have  thought  that,  you’ve  been  fed  a  lie  by  Alfred  Kinsey.  Kinsey,  a  social  “scientist”  of  the  1940’s,  spent  his  lifetime  ripping  down  the  institution  of  family  and  pushing  homosexual,  pedophiliac,  and  bi-sexual  relationships  as  normal,  socially  acceptable  behavior.  He  is  the  father  of  the  sexual  revolution,  the 

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Show Dogs Re-Cut Version Still Grooms Children to Accept Abuse

    Global Road announced that a re-cut version of the PG-rated family film Show Dogs would be released over Memorial Day weekend. Numerous parenting blogs and organizations took issue with a subplot involving the lead undercover police dog, Max, as he was taught to become comfortable with strangers touching his genitals in preparation for an undercover

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Best Predictors of Addictive Behavior

In a recent article published by Covenant Eyes, author and counselor Carl Stewart explains the tendency of many pornography addicts to ignore the root cause of their dependence. “Trying to simply ‘contain’ the behavior or ‘manage’ the behavior is miserable. Like cutting back a weed. It feels good for the first day or so, until it

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Cosmo Glamorizes Sexual Promiscuity

The Journal of Law and Social Deviance (LSD), a peer-reviewed journal affiliated with Florida International University, recently published an article, The ‘Cosmo Girl’ Invades Middle Schools: Grooming Girls for Disease and Depression. Author and researcher Dr. Judith Reisman describes how Cosmopolitan, supposedly aimed at adult women, uses teen television stars and teen influencers on its covers to lure young women

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Parenting Through Spring Break

Spring Break presents a great opportunity for parents to talk to their teens about hook-up culture, sexual assault, binge drinking and drug use. Research affirms that your voice as a parent matters to your teen. Studies show that teens whose parents frequently talk to them about substance abuse are 50 percent less likely to try alcohol or drugs.

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Child Sexual Abuse “Fire Drill”

When it comes to emergency preparedness, the value of discussing a safety plan with children is invaluable. Children are often taught where to go in case of a fire at school, to go into the basement if they hear a tornado siren and to seek cover during an earthquake. Children know these things because parents teach

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