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North America Begins Addressing Public Health Crisis

Shortly after Canadian¬†parliament members voted to recognize pornography¬†as a public health crisis in December 2016, state legislatures within the United States began to step forward. Legislatures in Utah voted recognizing pornography as a public health crisis and South Dakota legislators followed suit voting unanimously to recognize pornography as a public health crisis. The South Dakota […]

Power At Your Fingertips

Four engineers were inspired to make a product that would empower others. As a result, Undercover Colors was created. Undercover Colors is a wearable nail tech that identifies the presence of common date rape drugs in a variety of beverages through color change. The Problem: The Undercover Colors Team has this to say about their […]

Dealing with Past Sexual Abuse

“Sexual abuse is damaging no matter how the victim’s body is violated,” stated Dan Allender in an article published by Family Life. Trauma associated with abuse can be related to many factors including the relationship with the perpetrator, the severity of the intrusion, use of violence, age of the perpetrator and the duration of abuse. […]