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Stay Single

“Keep your heart for yourself. Cherish the bones of you,” Shani Jay wrote in a recent article published by Thought Catalog. “Enjoy these precious lone moments while you’re lucky enough to have them. Realize your worth. And never settle. Stay single.” Jay goes on to express, through a poem, the importance of not compromising and waiting for […]

MYTH: My Future Spouse Will Complete Me

Share Loneliness can be one of the most difficult things we as humans can experience. For many singles, the feeling of loneliness can be a motivating factor in finding the perfect spouse. However, finding the perfect spouse can drive a person to give up a healthy relationship for fear there is a better person out there. The desire to find […]

How to Find Joy When You’re Single

Embracing singleness can be difficult, frustrating and seemingly never ending. But have you ever thought about the positives this period could bring to your life? Focusing on God’s plan – serving Him and the others around you will allow for a perfect plan to be brought to life. Check out the ideas below as to […]