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Studying Teens and Technology

The Pew Research Center published five new findings on how teens use technology. According to the Culture Translator created by Axis, the study’s findings provided eye-opening research. In the study, 85% of teens say they use YouTube compared to only 51% who still access Facebook. This is why Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire recently launched a Youth Portal to bring back this coveted demographic. More importantly,

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On Social Media, The Past Is Never Past

Atlanta Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb lost the bid for a no-hitter on Sunday in the ninth inning. Shortly after the home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Newcomb found himself faced with his past as tweets he had posted on social media in his late teens surfaced on Twitter. The Braves released a statement calling Newcomb’s old

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Quitting Instagram

A recent essay that describes one 22-year-old woman’s “empowering and unexpectedly isolating” experience in freeing herself from Instagram is gaining the attention of both Millennials and Generation Z. The essay’s author, Carolyn, falls into the Generation Z category, which means that she is part of a generation that has never experienced the world without a smartphone. The

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Moving On After a Breakup

Sometimes it feels good to keep talking after a break up. But in reality, if you’re still talking, you’re not moving on. Your immediate comfort is prolonging the heartache. If it wasn’t meant to be, it has to come to an end at some point. Cutting them off may hurt now, but you’re protecting your

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What is IGTV?

Instagram, the most popular social media outlet among Generation Z, recently released IGTV. The standalone app features long-form (up to 1 hour) vertical videos that automatically play upon opening. It is also accessible through a new button in the main Instagram app. Instagram’s new outlet for sharing video footage is allowing YouTuber’s an alternative to Google’s YouTube platform. At

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Practical Purity

Purity is lived out in practical ways: setting boundaries, inviting mentors into your relationship and having a high level of accountability through conversation. Whatever you need to do to ensure you are honoring your significant other and yourself, do it. There’s no shame. Share this message and read similar messages on Abstinence Clearinghouse’s Facebook, Instagram

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Snapchat Victory: Cosmo After Dark Discontinued

On May 18, Cosmopolitan released a new Snapchat channel on the social media platform that, in its own words is “an X-rated weekly edition that goes live every Friday at 6 p.m. and is exclusively dedicated to all things hot and horny.” According to Protect Young Eyes, the Cosmopolitan channel “After Dark” hosted numerous articles including The 19

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Parents and Grandparents: Starting a No Tech Time

At the Clearinghouse we often encourage parents to schedule “no tech times.” One dad recently told me that his daughter told him that she looks forward to the nights that she doesn’t have to worry about her phone. Her dad asked why she thought it was such a relief to not have her phone and

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Is Kid-Friendly Technology Possible?

In a recent article, WORLD aims to answer the question “Can tech really be kid-friendly?” On Wednesday the Google-owned company, YouTube, announced that it would be adding a number of features to the app YouTube Kids allowing parents to have greater control over what their children are watching online. As of last week, parents can select certain channel

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7 Steps to Using Social Media for Fatherhood Programs

Social media can be an important component of your fatherhood program for recruiting, engaging, and retaining fathers. In this webinar, created by National Fatherhood Initiative’s Maggie Spain and Melissa Steward, you can learn how to begin using social media to recruit fathers and what content will help enhance your program delivery. Click HERE to watch the webinar now!