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Settling for Less

All people long to be loved, whether they acknowledge it or not. Unfortunately many men and women, coming from hurtful past relationships with their family or significant others find themselves so desperate for attention and affection that they stoop quite low to satisfy these deep longings. Yet when men and women stoop so low, as […]

Instant Emptiness

Imagine you are on a run on a summer morning. Not far into the three miles you intended to run, your body is already aching to stop. Everything feels heavy. The air is much hotter and thicker than you expected. A couple miles from the endpoint, all you want is to snap your fingers and […]

Broken and Beautiful

Once some one is in the depth of darkness, there often seems to be no way out, whether that be in an unplanned pregnancy or a suffocating relationship. Despite a decision or way of life being immoral and the opposite of life giving, it can sometimes seem good and pleasurable in the moment, making the […]

Becoming Numb

Unfortunate individuals born with a certain rare neurological disorder, congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA), undergo rather unique, burdensome symptoms. For example, one could place his hand on a stove-top, burn his hand, but not even notice or feel the fact that the stove burns his hand. In an article by TIME magazine, What Every Generation Gets Wrong About Sex, Rachel Hills quotes […]

‘No’ Is a Love Word

“The most important revolution in the last century has been the sexual revolution,” stated Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. “It is in this revolution, simple changes instigated profound effects. Contraception replaced conception, and the “price” of sexual activity seemingly dropped dramatically. Pleasure was separated from responsibility… It was as […]

Teen Vogue Has Crossed the Line Again

This week gave further evidence into the reality that the creators of the magazine Teen Vogue are competing for the hearts and minds of young women. The magazine, created for teen girls, published an article last Friday that gave explicit instructions on how to be sodomized. The article, Anal Sex: What You Need to Know, teaches young women […]

Casual Sex vs. Monogamy

An article by the Institute for Family Studies sheds light on the perceived notion that young people think that casual sex is the norm. After interviewing a series of working-class young adults, the author found that many believe people are too quick to expect sex in a relationship or feel like it is expected of them. While […]

New Product: Victory Magnet

This 4×4 magnet reads: The greatest victories come from choosing to never look back. This magnet would be a perfect addition to your next presentation or youth event as it emphasizes the importance of moving forward, celebrating victories and learning from setbacks. Click HERE to order now!

Tips on Teaching Your Kids About Sex

Our culture paints a tremendously tainted version of sexuality. Blaring messages thrown around on TV, social media, and billboards must be challenged and confronted in the home. Our culture is not ashamed to talk about sexuality; therefore, parents cannot afford to be ashamed to address sexuality in the home. How you pursue and model relationships […]

Sale: Warrior

Are you a youth leader, educator or parent looking to mentor one-on-one or form a small group for young men? Warrior, by Jeremy Brown, looks at what it means to be a man of virtue in today’s culture. The book also discusses men throughout history who have “done it right” and “gotten it all wrong.” Warrior […]