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Many Women’s Battle

“Being a woman who struggles with lust can feel like being alone in a crowded room,” Marian Jacobs wrote in a recent article. “You think you are the only one tempted when you watch that movie and read that book. Yet the opposite is true.” Jacobs goes on to explain that lust must be redefined. Claiming

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The Significance of a Good Mentor

“Our very brains are shaped and molded by the significant others in our lives, especially those relationships we call role models,” wrote counselor Jim Rose in a recent article published by Covenant Eyes. In the article, Jim explains three ways in which science reveals a need for everyone to have good mentors including how mentors influence the Enteric Nervous

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Pornography’s Long-Term Effects: Erectile Dysfunction

A recent article from the Marriage and Religious Research Institute (MRRI), outlined the effects of pornography on culture over the course of the last ten years. According to MMRI the most telling effect of pornography is the epidemic of erectile dysfunction (ED) among men. “For all of human history this was mainly an older man’s problem,” MMRI

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Being a Safe Source for Conversation

Setting a precedent for how you respond to a teen’s shortcomings and questions is an important indicator of how a teen can expect you to respond to future shortcomings and questions. Your teen will be more apt to see you as a safe source when you show that you care to listen and attempt to understand their world. How

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Parenting Through Spring Break

Spring Break presents a great opportunity for parents to talk to their teens about hook-up culture, sexual assault, binge drinking and drug use. Research affirms that your voice as a parent matters to your teen. Studies show that teens whose parents frequently talk to them about substance abuse are 50 percent less likely to try alcohol or drugs.

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Why Kid’s Need Boundaries

In the video above, Dr. James Dobson illustrates the connection between those who are inadequately exposed to healthy “barriers” and “boundaries” of behavior as children, and those who as young adults excessively wander and meander through their formative years in search of meaning.

The Law of Diminishing Return

A guy said to his date, ” I don’t make a move on you for four dates.” If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. Not every guy is trying to use you, you know. If you’re with a guy with “Russian hands” and “Roman fingers”, it may be wise to heed these

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A Note From Purity Ball 2018

The following is an excerpt from Dan Elliott, the individual who photographed the Abstinence Clearinghouse’s Purity Ball event on Saturday, January 27: It’s not easy for a Dad to take his little girl to a Purity Ball, and it’s not easy for a daughter either. It’s a date to a ball, and it’s not like those come around

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Saying No to Nudity

Good entertainment doesn’t have to be dirty or suggestive. A recent press release published by Movieguide stated that sex does not sell when it comes to movies. An annual study on movies from the United States and Canada compared revenue generated by movies with and without sexual content. The result was that movies with more

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Make This Valentine’s Day the Best Yet

Whether you are single, in a relationship or married, you can make this Valentine’s Day the most special one yet. Here are some fun, non-traditional ways to celebrate the holiday of love: Start a valentines day tradition – Learn a new skill or find something fun to do and make it a yearly tradition. Celebrate

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