Ohio Defunds Planned Parenthood

In 2017, President Donald Trump signed a bill allowing states to revoke funding from organizations that provided abortions. The bill allowed states to remove the family planning funding offered through Title X.

The state of Ohio recently exercised its right to defend Planned Parenthood clinics statewide. According to CBN News, the news was delivered to Planned Parenthood by the Ohio Department of Health. The notice came following a federal appeals court ruling in April that insisted there was nothing unconstitutional about a 2016 state law that bans the state from allocating preventive health dollars to any organization that “performs or promotes” non-therapeutic abortion.

A non-therapeutic abortion is defined as a termination out of convenience that is not medically necessary. Planned Parenthood’s ability to continue teaching comprehensive sex education may also be jeopardized due to a lack of funding. Parents and educators who advocate the teaching of abstinence until marriage, and encourage character based programs over comprehensive sex education, may now have an opportunity to enter school districts that were being led by Planned Parenthood.