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Sexuality and Identity

Christopher Yuan is a prominent Christian teacher on sexuality and the Gospel. With a unique perspective of coming to God in the midst of pursuing homosexuality, Yuan is able to testify to God’s grand, redemptive story in his own life. In his new book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel, Yuan poses the question, “How did ‘This

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Equipping Students to be Mentally Tough

Removing hardship from students generally adds to their anxiety in the long run. According to Tim Elmore, “students begin to look outside for their remedy to stress, rather than growing some grit and learning to ‘do hard things’.” Rather than teaching students that life is filled with stresses that they must learn to deal with,

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Screens and Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In a Wireless World

  Do you catch yourself living through the lens – that is, taking so many photos with your phone or camera that you actually missed aspects of what was going on around you? Does perfectionism play into your photo-taking or your photo-sharing? In her book, Screens and Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In a Wireless World,

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Entertainment vs. Exploring

 “The world’s artificial pleasures are all but evidence that the human  race has to a large extent lost its power to enjoy the true pleasures  of life, and is forced to substitute for them false and  degrading thrills.” – A.W. Tozer Has entertainment served as a culprit in the loss of your time? Has entertainment

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Helping to Manage Teen Stress & Anxiety

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researcher Dr. Michael Leahy found that “anxiety has increased so much that typical schoolchildren during the 1980’s reported more anxiety than child psychiatric patients did during the 1950’s.” Research from Dr. Jean Twenge released in 2017 showed that there has been a sharp

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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout in a Helping Profession

Counselor burnout is defined by its symptoms: feelings of exhaustion and detachment and dehumanization when dealing with clients. For some, feelings of depression and inadequacy may be present. In addition to burnout, compassion fatigue is also common among helping professionals. Compassion fatigue occurs when the helper is traumatized by his or her efforts to be

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Keeping Your Family Safe on the Internet For Free

Protect Young Eyes recently released an article detailing how you can block pornography on your family’s devices free of charge. According to the article, understanding the Domain Name System (DNS) is crucial to leveraging a DNS server’s information to categorize and filter IP addresses in hopes of preventing access to categories of inappropriate hostnames online. For families with children, this may

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Best Predictors of Addictive Behavior

In a recent article published by Covenant Eyes, author and counselor Carl Stewart explains the tendency of many pornography addicts to ignore the root cause of their dependence. “Trying to simply ‘contain’ the behavior or ‘manage’ the behavior is miserable. Like cutting back a weed. It feels good for the first day or so, until it

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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Netflix

    Follow along with the video above or read the instructions below to learn how you can set parental controls on your families Netflix account. Go to and log in using the admin username and password. The settings can only be changed by the administrator on the account, which is the person set

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Family Structure and Child Development Study

A study published in the European Journal of Population shows how family structure can impact child development. The study revealed that children raised with their father in an intact, biological family grow up experiencing better socio-economic outcomes opposed to children raised by single mothers or stepfathers. Click HERE to read more.