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Workshop: Leading in Difficult Circumstances

Abstinence Clearinghouse Founder Leslee Unruh presented a workshop for pregnancy center leaders at the Heartbeat International Conference in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday. The workshop inspired leaders persevering in the pregnancy help movement to excel in their calling as sowers of God’s grace. Attendees walked away with practical tips on how to lead fervently, relying on

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Addressing Abortion from the Pulpit

There are thousands of women sitting in church services who need to hear that God’s gift of forgiveness is offered to all – even those who have had an abortion. In an article recently shared by Care Net, the author expressed his frustration towards pastors and clergyman who avoid the topic of abortion. He then explained that

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Equipping Students to be Mentally Tough

Removing hardship from students generally adds to their anxiety in the long run. According to Tim Elmore, “students begin to look outside for their remedy to stress, rather than growing some grit and learning to ‘do hard things’.” Rather than teaching students that life is filled with stresses that they must learn to deal with,

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2019 Goal Setting & Achieving

January is a great time to set goals for the coming year. Take some time this week to consider what you achieved in 2018 and what you want to accomplish in 2019. Here are a few ways you can set yourself up to achieve your goals in 2019: First, set goals you actually want to accomplish. One way

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Generation Z Lab Released

In a world where generations struggle more than ever to understand each other, it is pivotal to engage in conversations surrounding difficult topics lest pop culture is left to negatively shape thoughts, opinions, and hearts. Impact 360 Institute recently released the Gen Z Lab that has over 10 hours of video content on topics like doubt and discernment, sexual integrity and more. Through

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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout in a Helping Profession

Counselor burnout is defined by its symptoms: feelings of exhaustion and detachment and dehumanization when dealing with clients. For some, feelings of depression and inadequacy may be present. In addition to burnout, compassion fatigue is also common among helping professionals. Compassion fatigue occurs when the helper is traumatized by his or her efforts to be

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A Royal Stand Against Pornography

According to a recent podcast produced by WORLD Magazine, the Kansas City Royals have become the first pro sports team to address the dangers of pornography. With baseball season beginning and the anticipation of another high-stress season, the franchise decided to hold a seminar for players outlining the negative effects of pornography as a part of the team’s leadership training

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6 Strategies for Hosting a Successful Meeting

Creating an atmosphere that allows for productivity and creativity can be challenging. Be intentional about making your next meeting more useful by incorporating the following tips: Have the Right Individual Leading: Without the right person to “run” a meeting, focus can be derailed quickly. You need someone who can politely and firmly facilitate discussion to ensure productivity. Start

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NAC Founder Speaks in California

Abstinence Clearinghouse Founder Leslee Unruh had the opportunity to share about the organizations mission and goals in California last week. She also shared about the important role of parents as the primary educators of their children. We look forward to helping plan more Purity Balls and Knight to Remember events in the coming year!

A Checklist for Casting Vision

According to John C. Maxwell, “people need to be shown the team’s vision clearly, creatively, and continually.” Try using the following checklist and make sure that every vision created with your team possesses the following components: Clarity: brings understanding to the vision (answers what the people must know and what you want them to do)

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