God, Mom & Me Tea (Virtual)

A God, Mom & Me Tea serves as an event for mothers and daughters to focus on the joy of womanhood, the beauty of God's design and the greatness of His timing for development. This event is designed for mothers, or mother figures, and daughters ages nine to twelve.

A few days prior to the event, mothers are encouraged to sit down privately with their daughters and read through her God, Mom & Me Tea booklet with her. The questions presented in the booklet will be filled out during the tea; however, this offers mothers a comfortable guide for discussing purity, physical maturation and menstruation from an age-appropriate and biblical perspective ahead of time. This discussion gives daughters the opportunity to first ask Mom questions she might otherwise direct to friends or others attending the tea. Mothers are shown as role models for their daughters, and parents are recognized as the primary sex-educators of their children.

A God, Mom & Me Tea provides an elegant and intimate setting for reinforcing the mother-daughter relationship and honoring pre-teen girls as they are introduced to God's design for young women. To add to this special event, mothers and daughters are encouraged to dress in their fanciest, modest tea-time dresses. Don't be afraid to go all out for this fun, virtual event!

You're Invited:

Thursday, June 18th from 6pm - 7pm

Your Reservation Includes:

- A Mother's Guide and Daughter's Guide
*These booklets will be mailed to your prior to the tea. They are estimated to arrive June 10-15. Mothers are encouraged to go through the booklets prior to the event. Registration will close on June 12 at 3 PM.

- After registration you will be directed to a payment page. The registration fee is $15 per mother-daughter couple to help compensate the cost of the booklets and shipping fees.

Register for the Virtual God, Mom & Me Tea Here!