Great Britain will soon be home to a new type of exploitative business in which customers can pay for oral sex along with their cappuccino. The company’s website explains that each visitor to the coffee shop is given an iPad where they not only select their beverage of choice but also scroll through a catalog of women, all of whom are escorts.

You may find yourself questioning the legality of this new business. Indeed, prostitution is legal in Great Britain; however, owning a brothel is illegal. The owner reportedly told The Independent that “everything related to [the Fellatio Café] is legal” and his “lawyer is currently setting everything up.”

Businesses using sex to sell their product are only fueling the demand to further the sexualization and objectification of women. Our cultures need to create new ways to exploit love is driven by the accessibility of internet pornography. Fight the New Drug said it best in a recent post, stating “When the coffee is taken away and the storefront is removed, essentially all that’s left in these businesses is paid prostitution or a quick peep show.”