Considering Commitment

At the age of 21, Lily Maley found herself pregnant and alone. After realizing the father of her child had no intention of parenting, Lily made a conscious decision to focus on her faith and young daughter.

“Being a mom changed my perspective about love and about life itself. It brought me closer to God and gave me a sense of purpose,” Lily wrote in an article by Millennials for Marriage. She finished college while working and raising her daughter. When she did begin to date, she found herself looking for a specific type of person, completely contrary to her past relationship.

“I was looking for a good man who had strong morals and principles,” she wrote. “I wanted someone who was ready to commit to God and to building a family… Beforehand, I was led by ‘feelings’ but now, I had a clear sense of who I was and what I wanted.”

Lily’s relationship with Matthew, her now husband, led her to re-prioritize her beliefs about relationships. Commitment was the characteristic that she believed would allow a relationship to survive the trials of parenthood, unemployment, long term disability, etc. Her changed heart was driven by a desire to commit to one person, an aspect of relationships that Lily believes many millennials miss. “It wasn’t until my external circumstances made me reconsider what was important in a spouse that I realized that I genuinely needed something more than just a feeling to sustain me,” Lily wrote.

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