Strategies for Resolving the Teen Sexual Activity Crisis

In a culture that is assaulted with sexualized images, music and other negative media, it can be easy to give up in the fight for purity. But be encouraged! These tips can help reach youth and make a positive impact on our culture:
1. Include and Involve Parents – Parents play a pivotal role in the lives of their children. Churches, youth groups and schools should encourage parents to get involved with their programs and what their child is learning.
2. Teach Abstinence Until Marriage and the Consequences of Promiscuity – Teens are encouraged and empowered when they hear the abstinence message and see the benefits of choosing abstinence in their daily lives. Teach them that saying no to sex now means a healthier future later.
3. Eliminate Mixed Messages About Abstinence – Teens and young adults want to hear truth and they want to be respected. Don’t water down the message by removing “until marriage” or encouraging teens to use contraception because “they are going to do it anyway.” Trust that they will make the right decisions with the information presented.
4. Use Available Resources for Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education – Use social media and technology to spread a positive message to combat the negative. It is a great way to reach teens in an environment that is comfortable to them. A number of resources are also available through our online store.
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