14-Year-Old Sues Facebook

Revenge porn is a problem on all platforms of social media. According to Fight the New Drug, revenge porn sites are very similar to regular porn sites. The difference is that the images are of regular people who sent sexually explicit images to someone they trusted, only to have them posted online without their permission. For example, one girl sent her ex-boyfriend graphic images and he later posted them on a revenge site after their breakup.

One 14-year-old girl is determined to have not only Facebook, but all other forms of social media increase regulations for monitoring explicit material. Her legal battle with Facebook began when the company did not permanently block nude images of her after being confronted numerous times.

In an article released earlier this month, Fight the New Drug had this to say about the potential of the lawsuits outcome: "Typically, websites like Facebook have been viewed as a platform that is not fully responsible for what its users post, but if the courts rule in favor of the 14-year-old girl in this case, social media companies will be held accountable for the content posted."