2021 Dirty Dozen: OnlyFans

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation announced that OnlyFans is on the 2021 Dirty Dozen List, a list of mainstream companies that are major facilitators of sexual exploitation in the United States.

OnlyFans is the latest facilitator of online sexual exploitation. When people were running short on cash because of the COVID-19 financial crisis, OnlyFans promised to be an empowering way for them to profit off of their own bodies, and maybe even become famous. OnlyFans allows vulnerable people, especially women and minors, to sell their own bodies for profit, and OnlyFans makes money off of their exploitation. While “Fans” may pay fees for nude images, videos and livestreams, it is the “creators” who pay the high price of psychological, emotional and physical harm that the sex industry imparts. OnlyFans also normalizes prostitution among young persons.

To learn how you can take action against OnlyFans, click here.